Joseph Turcot

M, b. 8 October 1699, d. circa 30 April 1777
     Joseph was born on Thursday, 8 October 1699 in Champlain, Les Chenaux County, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Jacques Turcot & Anne Desrosiers. He was christened on the same day there in the church of La Visitation.1 Joseph married Anne Marie Madeleine Caillas, daughter of Pierre Caillas and Marie-Therese Aure, on 5 February 1731 in Champlain at the church of La Visitation.2 Joseph & Madeleine had children: Joseph-Marie [11/20/1731-12/10/1761], Alexis-Melchior [4/18/1733-1/16/1824][m. 1/12/1767 Marie Therese Stagnan], Marie-Madeleine [1/04/1737-4/25/1749], Charles Antoine [11/29/1739], Marie Josephe [4/13/1746] & Marie Therese Amable [10/01/1749-5/13/1827].3 Joseph departed this life in Champlain. He was buried there in the churchyard of la Visitation on Wednesday, 30 April 1777.4


Anne Marie Madeleine Caillas b. 4 Sep 1706


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