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    ...In addition to his will, lists of the members of Samuel's large family fortunately survive from two other documents, the 1698 Hempstead census and the book with family history noted above, which gives birthdates for all but one of the children. Chilren of Samuel and Abigail (Barlow)(Rowland) Denton, all born in Hempstead: Ruth b. 10 Nov. 1693, living 1698; nothing more known. John b. say 1695, d. before 1698 census, Mary twin 9 Jan 1697/8 m. Benjamin Smith, Martha twin " " m. Jonah Halstead in Tappan, NY, John b. 12 Jan 1699/70, Deborah b. 18[10?]Sep 1701 m Joseph Carman, sons Samuel b. 21 Sep 1722, Josh b 25 Aug 1724.
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