Deborah Underhill

F, b. circa 1629
FatherCaptain John Underhill b. c 1608, d. 21 Jul 1672
MotherHeyltgen de Hooch d. b 1658
     Deborah was born circa 1629 in Holland, Netherlands.1,2 Deborah departed this life in the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.3


  1. [S457] Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Captain John Underhill - Children with 1st wife: Deborah born 1629 [Underhill Gen 2:3, citing court record of 17 December 1646]; possibly the daughter mentioned by Underhill in his 22 December 1647 letter to John Winthrop; probably deceased by 1658.
  2. [S1098] Underhill Genealogy, Volume II: page 3 - ... In the Calendar of Hisroreical Manuscripts of the State of New York, Part I, Dutch Mss., p. 106, is the following statement: "Dec. 17,1646, Court Proceedings. John Underhill against Jan Jadduwe (Hathaway?) for slandering plaintiff's daughter; defendant declares that he knows nothing of her but what is honorable and virtuous and is ordered to acknowledge in the presence of Deborah, the pliantiffs daughter, that he did wrong and to ask her pardon in court and is condemned to pay costs.
  3. [S1098] Underhill Genealogy, Volume II: page 3 - ... That she [Deborah] died before her father's second marriage may be tgaken for granted, as her mother died in 1658 and on 29,9, 1659, John had a daughter by his second wife whom he named Deborah.