Joseph Gingras

M, b. 1 June 1686, d. circa 16 March 1756
FatherCharles Gingras b. 1638, d. 8 Jan 1710
MotherMarie Francoise Amiot dit Villeneuve b. 12 Jul 1660, d. 7 Feb 1736
     Joseph was born on Saturday, 1 June 1686 in Cote St Ange, Quebec, Canada. On 4 June 1686, he was christened in Neuville, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Francois-de-Sales Church, Pointe-Aux-Tremples.1 Joseph married Marie Anne Tynon on 14 November 1718 in St-Augustin de-Desmaures, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Augustin Church.2 Joseph and Marie Anne had children: Marie Josephe [10/02/1719-10/22/1795][m. 1/25/1740 Joseph Dorias], Jean Baptiste [4/13/1721-4/18/1721], Marie Francoise [4/12/1722-5/07/1722], Marie Anne [6/20/1723-3/05/1724], Louis Augustin [1/04/1725-1/301796][m. 2/02/1750 Marie Madeleine Rochon], Marie Genevieve [1/03/1727-11/07/1801][m. 5/29/1747 Francois Augustin Constantin], Joseph [12/19/1728-12/24/1792][m. 11/271752 Marguerite Tessier], Marie Anne [12/01/1730], Marie Charlotte [9/05/1732-2/23/1791][m. 11/16/1750 Joseph Vermet LaForme], Marie Angelique [11/27/1734-9/19/1785][m. 1/28/1782 Jacques Racette], Jean Baptiste [9/10/1736-2/12/1799][m. 2/22/1762 Marie Louise Angelique Hamel], Pierre [9/27/1738-5/20/1804][m. 11/25/1765 Brigitte Tessier] & Marie Louise [6/29/1740-7/01/1740]. Joseph departed this life in St-Augustin de-Desmaures, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada. He was buried there in the cemetery of St-Augustin Church on Tuesday, 16 March 1756.3


Marie Anne Tynon b. 1701, d. bt 25 Nov 1765 - 28 Jan 1782


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