Louis Guyet

M, b. 25 April 1660, d. 24 February 1744
FatherJean Guiet dit guillet b. 26 Dec 1627, d. c 13 Jan 1691
MotherJeanne Mignon b. 1635, d. 24 Mar 1701
     Louis was born on Sunday, 25 April 1660 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. He was christened there on 9 May 1660 in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 A contract for the marriage of Louis and Marie-Anne Begin was signed on 7 May 1685 in Quebec, Canada. It was drawn up by the notary, Guillaume Couture. It notes Louis' parents as Jean Guay & Jeanne Mignon. It also notes Marie-Anne's parents as Louis Begin & Jeanne Durand.2 Louis's wife, Marie-Anne, died on 3 October 1687 in Pointe-de-Levy, Lauzon leaving him a widower. Louis married 2nd Marie-Susanne Samson, daughter of Jacques Samson and Marie-Anne Metru, on 10 January 1692 in Pointe-de-Levy, Lauzon at St-Joseph Church.3 Louis's wife, Marie-Susanne, died on 21 June 1741 in Pointe-de-Levy, Lauzon leaving him a widower. Louis departed this life on Monday, 24 February 1744 in Pointe-de-Levy, Lauzon at age 83 years, 9 months and 30 days. He was buried there in the cemetery of St-Joseph on Wednesday, 26 February 1744.4

Family 1

Marie-Anne Begin b. 2 Aug 1669, d. 3 Oct 1687

Family 2

Marie-Susanne Samson b. 16 Jan 1674, d. 21 Jun 1741


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