George Ffyske1,2,3,4

M, b. circa 1512, d. before 7 April 1593
FatherGeoffrey Ffyske b. c 1472
MotherAlice Dalling b. c 1480
St. Andrews Church, Westhall, Suffolk - Courtesy of Wikipedea
     George was born circa 1512 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. George & Anne had children: George, Thomas & Margaret [m. Mr. Wittingham].5 George married Anne Dowsyng in Laxfield at All Saints Church. They first resided at Laxfield, but moved to Westhall by 1567. George made his will on 6 January 1591.

George Fiske of Westhall [co. Suffolk], dated 6 January 1591 [1591/2]. To be buried in Westhall churchyard. To my son George Fiske my tenement and lands in Westhall and Brampton [? Co. Suffolk] bought of Nicholas Harvey, and he is to pay to my wife Anne £8 a year fro two years and then £10 a year, the £10 to be paid by Geo. Fiske, “Thos Fiske & Margaret children of the said George,” after the portion each shall have. My son Geo. Is to pay to Thomas, my son, £100 and to Margaret, my daughter £40. To my son Thomas my tenement and lands abovesaid, should conditions be unfulfilled. To my wife Anne the residue of my goods, the overplus on her death to be evenly departed among my children. If John Gille complete the purchase of the said lands and tenements “as we have begun” my son George shall have £160, my son Thomas £100, and my said daughter £40, in occupation for life and after her death the said £40 shall remain to John Wittengham, her son. Executors: my wife Anne and my son George. Supervisor: Richard Aldus. Witnesses: Richard Aldows, John Bass, George Bass.5,6,7,8,4

He wrote a codicil to his will on 25 March 1593.

Annuls the bequest of the residue of goods to wife Anne; and said goods are to be appraised by four persons, two nominated by the widow and two by my two sons Geo. And Thos., my wife to have the use of the same for life and the residue to be parted on her death between surviving children. Whereas a title is pretended by Thomas Harvey to my said lands and tenements my wife and Thomas, my son shall bear part of the charges at law with my son George. Witnesses: John Baas and Geo. Bass.

George departed this life in Westhall. He was buried there at Westhall in the churchyard of St. Andrews. His will was probated on 7 April 1593.


Anne Dowsyng d. b 1 Mar 1619


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