Lydia (?)

F, b. circa 1774
     Lydia was born circa 1774. Lydia married Thomas McCurdy, son of Hugh McCurdy and Jane Cooke, circa 1795 in Amberson Valley, Fannett Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Thomas' land was sold 13 May 1833 [Volume 59: page 151] from his heirs to William Gaston of Amberson Valley containing 113 acres 28 perches. On list of heirs, it lists an Agnes - will indicated a Nancy and Polly - one daughter must have passed away. Orphan's Court [Volume B: page 57] 19 Oct 1819, Edward McVitty & Jacob Shearer appointed guardians of minor children[under 14] of Thomas McCurdy - James, Sarah, James, Elizabeth, Ruth, Mary. Will: Volume C: page 207. Thomas and Lydia had children: Jane [1796], Agnes [1798, a daughter [1800], Mary [1806], Elizabeth [1808], Ruth [1810], Sarah [1812] & James [1815]. Lydia McCurdy, widow & the children of her husband,Thomas are mentioned on a deed dated the 13th of May 1833 selling their land in Amberson Valley.


Thomas McCurdy b. c 1767, d. b 4 Mar 1818