Louise Coutantineau

F, b. 14 June 1670, d. circa 16 October 1736
     Louise was born on Saturday, 14 June 1670 in ville de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of Julien Coutansineau and Marie Langlois. She was christened there on 15 June 1670 in the Basilica of Notre Dame.1 Louise married Francois-Xavier Pinel, son of Gilles Pinel and Anne Ledet, on 24 November 1687 in Neuville, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Francois-de-Sales Church, Pointe-Aux-Tremples.2 Francis-Xavier & Louise had children: Marie-Louise [ca 1688-10/12/1752][m. 2/15/1706 Guillaume Pelletier & 2nd 8/06/1736 Michel Migner], Francois-Xavier [9/20/1690-12/14/1749][m. 2/05/1720 Marie-Anne Voyer], Marie-Anne [2/10/1694-9/01/1761][m. 7/27/1712 Sebastien Grondin & 2nd 8/17/1750 Jean-Baptiste Gagnon], Charles-Francois [10/23/1695-5/14/1760][m. 1/15/1720 Marie-Anne Ouellet], Marie Francoise [2/28/1698-2/26/1729][m. 7/01/1726 Joseph Hinse], Marie Madeleine [1/28/1700-6/20/1769][m. 1/17/1724 Ignace Aide dit Crequy], Marie Catherine Angelique [1/24/1702-5/19/1706], Marie Felicite [11/13/1703-4/02/1783][m. 11/11/1720 Francois Ouellet & 2nd 11/26/1744 Jean-Francois Roulland], Brigitte [1/11/1706-5/08/1783][m. 1/31/1735 Jean Baptiste Grenet] & Gilles [1/24/1708-6/26/1711]. Louise's husband, Francois-Xavier, died circa 10 February 1709 in Neuville, leaving her a widow. She married second, Jacques Ripeau on 15 November 1713 at Neuville.3 Louise departed this life in Neuville. She was buried there in the churchyard of St-Francois-de-Sales, Pointe-Aux-Tremples on Tuesday, 16 October 1736.4


Francois-Xavier Pinel b. c 15 Jan 1664, d. c 10 Feb 1709


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