Joan de Bassingbourne1

F, b. 1250
Fatherson de Bassingbourne
     Joan de was born in 1250 in England. She was the niece of Warin de Bassingburn who had the wardship Thomas Mauduit Mauduit.2 Joan de married Thomas Mauduit, son of William Mauduit and Eve (?), circa 1268 in England. This was an arranged marriage by the couple's uncle, Warin Bassingburn.3,4 Joan's husband, an unknown person , died between 1270 and 1271, leaving her a widow. Her husband , Thomas, had gone to the Holy Lands with Prince Edward in 1270. In 1271 Richard, King of the Romans, was granted wardship of her son; , while on a crusade to the Holy Land with Prince Edward in 1270. His son, Warin's, wardship was granted to Richard, King of the Romans.3,5 Joan de married 2nd William de Wintreshull on 15 October 1272 in Wiltshire, England.6,7 In 1275, she held Warminster Manor in dower.3

Family 1

Thomas Mauduit b. 1243, d. bt 1270 - 1271


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    - MichaelAnne _e-mail address_ (mailto:e-mail address) on
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