Sir Thomas Tuddenham

M, b. 10 May 1401, d. 23 February 1462
FatherSir Robert Tuddenham d. bt 30 Sep 1405 - 29 Sep 1406
MotherMargaret Harling
     Thomas was born on Sunday, 10 May 1401 in Eriswell, County Suffolk, England. He was christened there in the parish Church. After the death of his brother, Robert, he became the heir of his father. At this time, he was still a minor, thus, a wardship was granted to Sir John Rodenhale and John Wodehouse in July of 1417. The next year, a marriage was arranged for Thomas with Alice, the daughter of his guardian, John Wodehouse. The couple lived together until about 1425 and a child who died in infancy was born during that time. It was later revealed that the father of the baby was not Thomas, but a chamberlain of Alice's father. Both Thomas and Alice confirmed that the marriage had never been consumated. The marriage was eventually annulled and Alice entered the Augustinian nunnery of Crabhouse in Norfolk. Thomas never remarried. Thomas received livery of his estates in March of 1423. His association with John Wodehouse, led him to become an influencial member of the Lancaster Dutchy, who were supporters of Queen Margaret, wife of King Henry VI. During the 1450's, this alignment pitted them against Richard the Duke of York in the War of the Roses. By this time Sir Thomas had become very influential in Queen Margaret's court and after a resettlement of fianances at the end of 1458, he was made the treasurer of the Royal household. When Richard, Duke of York, won the civil war, a commission for Thomas' arrest was issued.1 Thomas departed this life on Sunday, 23 February 1462 at Tower Hill at age 60 years, 9 months and 13 days. He was beheaded on 23 February 1462 as a rebel and traitor.2 He was buried there at London in the Church of the Austin Friars. After his death, his estate was passed on to his sister, Margaret, wife of Edmund Bedingfeld.


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