Zachariah Symmes

M, b. circa 1687, d. before 28 October 1708
FatherWilliam Symmes b. c 10 Jan 1627, d. 22 Sep 1691
MotherMary Chickering b. b 9 Apr 1648, d. 12 Mar 1720/21
     Zachariah was born circa 1687 in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Very little is known of Zechariah. The only detail of his life comes from a letter written to his brother, William, on 21 January 1707. In the letter, he describes a mutiny that had just taken place on a small ship on which he was a passenger. The Captain became aware of a conspiracy to take over the ship, the captain, the catain's brother and Zechariah quelled the mutiny of the three conspirators and held them below deck under the cover of the hatch until they reached Jamacia, where they turned their prisoners over to a British Man-o-war. Zechariah returned from his voyage on 19 June 1707. It appears that he was never married.1 Zachariah departed this life in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1 The inventory of Zachariah's estate was taken on Sunday, 28 October 1708.


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