Reverand Samuel Mather1,2

M, b. 5 July 1650, d. 18 March 1727/28
FatherTimothy Mather b. 1628, d. 14 Jan 1684/85
MotherCatherine Atherton b. b 28 Sep 1628, d. b 20 Mar 1680/81
     Samuel was born on Tuesday, 5 July 1650 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He graduated at Harvard College 1671, and went from Branford to Windsor in 1681. There he united two societies that had been under separate pastoral charges for 13 years. Samuel married Hannah Treat, daughter of Robert Treat and Jane Tapp, circa 1676 in New Haven County, Connecticut. He and Hannah were blessed with 9 children. Samuel departed this life on Thursday, 18 March 1727/28 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He was buried at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut, in Palisado Cemetery. The epitath on his stone reads: "Here lyeth Buryed ye Rev'd Mr. Samuel Mather, Pastor of ye Church of Christ in Windsor who dyed March ye 18th anno domini 1727-8 age 77".3


Hannah Treat b. 1 Jan 1659, d. 8 Mar 1707/8


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    , page 151 - Rev. Samuel Mather, of Windsor, Conn., third minister of the
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    Governor, afterwards Governor of the colony of Connecticut. He
    was son of Richard Treat, one of the first settlers of Wethersfield,
    Mrs. Hannah Mather died March 8, 1708, aged 47.
    Rev. Samuel Mather died March 18, 1728, aged 77.
    13 Samuel, born 1677.
    14 Azariah, born August 29,1685. Died in Saybrook.
    15 Nathaniel, born August 8, 1716.
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