Marie-Marguerite Martin

F, b. circa 14 May 1671, d. circa 24 December 1744
     Marie-Marguerite was born in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of Masse Martin & Therese David. She was christened there on 14 May 1679 in the Cathedral de l'Assomption.1 A contract for the marriage of Alexis Sauvageau & Marie-Marguerite Martin was signed on 23 March 1694. It was drawn up by notary, Francois Trotain. It notes Aliexis as residing at Grondines & his parents as Claude Sauvageot & Jeanne Legendre. Also, it notes Marguerite as residing at Deschambeau & her parents as the late Masse Martin & Therese David.2 Marie-Marguerite married Alexis Sauvageau, son of Claude Sauvageau and Jeanne Legendre, on 19 April 1694 in Grondines, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Charles-de-Roches Church.3 Alexis & Marie-Marguerite had children: Alexis [4/24/1695][m. 8/10/1723 Marguerite Germain dit Belisle] & 2nd 9/04/1752 Marie-Anne Lebrun], Marie Marguerite [12/22/1696-1/28/1771][m. 1/14/1725 Rene Tessier], Joseph [2/02/1699], Marie-Anne [1702-1/27/1779], Bonaventure [11/10/1704-8/20/1763][m. 11/09/1739 Marie-Francois Jobin dit Boisvert, 2nd 2/22/1745 Marie-Anne Massicotte & 3rd 10/23/1757 Marie-Josephte Arcand], Francois [1706-5/22/1788], Alexis [1709-12/16/1749][m. 4/29/1737 Marie-Catherine Guillemot], Louis [4/05/1710-8/10/1747][m. 4/27/1745 Ursele Nault], Marie Therese [7/29/1712-3/17/1762][m. 1/30/1743 Jean-Baptiste Nault], Jacques [5/02/1715-10/06/1794][m. 7/29/1743 Marie Louise Nault], Jean-Baptiste [7/23/1718-4/16/1739], Louis [1722-8/10/1747] & Joseph [5/11/1724-12/12/1758][m. 10/26/1750 Catherine Arcand].4 Marie-Marguerite departed this life in Grondines, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada. She was buried there on Thursday, 24 December 1744.5


Alexis Sauvageau b. 1671, d. c 20 Feb 1749


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