David de Malpas le Clerk1,2,3

FatherDavid Malpas
     David de was born in Malpas, Chestershire, England. David was styled Dan David and some times referred to as le Clerk, as he was clerk or secretary to the Earl of Chester. He was the sheriff of Chestershirein 36th year of Henry III [1252]. By herititary right,he came into possession of half the barony of Malpas. In the late 1100's, he was able to acquire the other half of the barony of Malpas from Robert fitz Nigel [alias Richard Patrick] property thru default of service. The Patrics did not have the cash as did David..

Randolf Meschines, Earl of Chester - 111074-1129 earl 1121-1129. David married Margaret ap Ralph ap Eynon (?), daughter of Ralph ap Eynon (?) and Beatrix de Meschines de Chester, in England. David departed this life in Malpas, Chestershire, England.


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