Sir Robert Lawrence1

M, b. circa 1315
     Robert was born circa 1315 in Ashton Hall, Lancastershire, England. Robert married Margaret t Holden, in England.


Margaret t Holden,


  1. [S1497] John Lawrence, The genealogy of the family of John Lawrence of Wisset, in Suffolk, England, page 21- Sir Robert Lawrence, of Ashton Hall, married Margaret Holden of Lancashire, and had I. Robert; II. Thomas, the father of Arthur Lawrence, Esq., of Prior's Court, in Gloucestershire; III. William, born 1425 or before, who fought under Lancastrian Banner at St. Alban's in 1455, and having fallen there, was buried there in the Abbey. IV. Edmund, who is said to have married a daughter of Miles de Stapleton, a descendant of the distinguished family of that name of Norman extraction.