Hugh de Baildon1

M, b. 1155
FatherRichard fits Essulf (?) b. c 1120, d. c 1200
MotherMaud (?)
     Hugh de was born in 1155 in Yorkshire, England. Hugh married Margery Poole, daughter of Serlo de Poole of Farnley, in 1179 in Baildon Common, Yorkshire, England.


Margery Poole


  1. [S311] Belden Family Association, Our Belden Families, ... Hugh, who flourished in the reigns of Richard I & John, and was probably born about 1155 to 1160. He seems to have been a man of some substance; having property in Castely, Stainburn, and Bolton-in-Bolland, in addition to what he had at Baildon, and was at one time joint sheriff of West Riding, an office that disappeared at an early date. He was not lord of the manor of Baildon, but apparentlythe principal freeholder residing there.
    The genealogical seeequence, and dates from some of the court records for Baildon ancestry as follows:.