Louis Guay

M, b. 10 February 1693, d. between 23 July 1730 and 1 February 1734
FatherLouis Guyet b. 25 Apr 1660, d. 24 Feb 1744
MotherMarie-Susanne Samson b. 16 Jan 1674, d. 21 Jun 1741
     Louis was born on Tuesday, 10 February 1693 in Pointe-de-Levy, Lauzon, Levis County, Quebec, Canada. He was christened there on 11 February 1693 in St-Joseph Church.1 Louis & Marie-Therese had children: Louis [10/17/1719-3/04/1804][m. 10/12/1744 Marie Genevieve Bourget], a child [1/10/1721-1/10/1721], Charles Joseph [7/24/1722-8/22/1722], Marie Therese [2/09/1724-9/30/1756][m. 10/15/1748 Jacques Bourassa], Joseph [3/01/1726-7/22/1730], Francois Louis [12/27/1727-6/06/1807][m. 1/25/1752 Marguerite Lacasse] & Charles [4/24/1730-1/02/1792][m. 3/01/1756 Veronique Samson & 2nd 11/23/1778 Genevieve Marois].2 A contract was drawn up by the nortary Dubreuil for the marriage of Louis and Marie-Therese Duquet. It was signed on 3 December 1718. The contract notes that Louis is the son of Louis Guay and Marie Suzanne Sansom. It also notes that Marie Therese is the daughter of Jean Duquet and Catherine Amiot..3 Louis departed this life between 23 July 1730 and 1 February 1734 in Pointe-de-Levy, Lauzon. He was still living at the death of his son Joseph and the date his wife remarried.


Marie-Therese Duquet b. 19 Apr 1690, d. 14 Sep 1782


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