Thomas Fowler

M, b. circa 1435
FatherSir William Fowler b. c 1400, d. 6 Jul 1452
MotherCecelia Englesfield b. c 1403, d. b 1483
     Thomas was born circa 1435 in Buckinghamshire, England, at the Manor of Foxley. Thomas married Mary Lee circa 1455. Thomas married 2nd Mary Houghton. Mary was the widow of John Hulcote of Hallcote, Northamptonshire. Thomas & Mary had no children. Thomas married 3rd Edith Dynham. Thomas & Edith had no children. He was still living in 1477 when he was mentioned in his brother Richard's will. He was high sheriff of Buckingham in 1478, 1483 & 1487. He had a son, Thomas according to the will of his sister Sybell Danvers in 1511.

Family 1

Mary Lee

Family 2

Mary Houghton

Family 3

Edith Dynham b. c 1448