Geoffrey Ffyske1,2,3

M, b. circa 1428, d. before 13 May 1504
FatherSymond Ffyske b. c 1397, d. b 26 Feb 1464
MotherSusanna Smyth d. c 1433
     Geoffrey was born circa 1428 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England, at the Manor of Stradbaugh. Geoffrey married Margaret (?) circa 1451 in England. Geoffrey made his will on 3 May 1504.

Jaffrey Fyske of Laxfeld, To be buried in Laxfeld parish. To the high alter there, for tithes forgotten, 3s. 4d. To the repair of the parish church 6s.8d. To the repair of the bell 3s. 4d. To the repair of the Chapel of Our Lady in said parish and for arrears of some rents pertaining to said Chapel 6s.8d. To our Lady's Gild in Laxfeld 3s. 4d. Bequests to the Friars of Dunwich and Oxford [co.Suffolk]. To my son Master John Fyske, to sing for me a year after my decease, a sufficient stipend . To the poor in Laxfeld 10s. To the mending of foul ways 20s. To each godchild 12d. To each Bell child of myne 12d. To my daughter Johane 5 marks. To my daughtrer Maryon 6s. 8d. to Margaret Kempe a heifer. My house and land are to be sold except a pightle bought of Nicholad Baas, [which is] to be sold him at a “meone” prive. My son Master John Fyske to say how my son Jeffrey shall pay.” He who purchases my place is to have the stock of “beys” [i. e. bees] there lying and to pay 2 lbs. wax to the light before the crucifix in Laxferld church as long as the stock shall endure, if so much increase of wax come yearly off the said stock. Executors and residuary legatees; my sons Master John Fyske and Symond Fyske, to dispose to the health of my soul; and to each to them 6s. 8d.4,5,6

Geoffrey departed this life in Laxfield. He was buried there in All Saints Churchyard. His will was probated on 13 May 1504 at Horeham, County Suffolk, England.


Margaret (?) d. b 13 May 1504


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