Margaret (?)1

F, d. before 13 May 1504
     Margaret was born in England. Margaret married Geoffrey Ffyske, son of Symond Ffyske and Susanna Smyth, circa 1451 in England. Margaret made her will on 4 May 1504.

In the year of our Lord God mccccciiii, the iiiith day of Maye; I Margret ffskye of Laxfield, wiff of Jaffrey Ffyske of the same town, beynge of good mynde and hole rememberaunce, Mak my Testament and last will in this manner of wise folowyng, ffirst, I bequeath my soule to Almyghty God, to our Lady Saynte marye, and to all the hooly company of hevyn and my body to be buryed in the cherchyerd of Laxfeld, aforesaid. Item, I bequeath to the heye auter in Dennington xii d.: and to the heye auter in Laxfeld xii d. Item, to the gilde of our Lady in the same town iii s. iiii d. Item, I bequeath to the blakke Fryeres of Donwich iii s. iiii d; and to the Grey Fryers in the same town, iii s. iiii d. Item, for the prests' s'vyce by and hole yere a resonabill stypende. Item, I bequeath to John Fyske x s. Item, to Jaffrey his brother vi s. viii d. Item to the same Jaffrey a brasse pan unbounde. Item to Eche Godchild, iiii d. Item, I bequeath to Margaret Cryspe, the wiff of Jaffrey Cryspe, whelewryght, a brass potte. Item, to John Base, of Dennington, the yonger o potte with a broke syde. Item, to Ele Warner of Denyngton my best cappe. Item, to Edeny Basse an harnesse gyrdill with a blewe corse. Item, to Johan Lefechild, of Norwich, xii d. Item to Isabell West, a cote, apeyer hosys and peyer of shoys. Item I bequeath to Drap's wyff my cloke. All myn other gooddys not geven nor bequeathed I geve and bequeath to Mr. John Fyske, whom I ordeyn and make myn fethfull Executor to fulfille this testament and to dispose for me to the most pleasure and honor to Godde and profyght to my soule.1,2

Margaret departed this life in Laxfield. She was buried there in All Saints Churchyard. Her will was probated on 13 May 1504 at Horeham, County Suffolk, England.


Geoffrey Ffyske b. c 1428, d. b 13 May 1504


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