William Dalling

M, b. circa 1424, d. before 8 February 1473
     William was born circa 1424 in Laxfield, County Suffolk, England. William married Margaret (?) circa 1449 in Laxfield at All Saints Church.1 William made his will on 20 October 1471 at Laxfield.

To be buried in the churchyard of Laxfield church to the high alter there 8 pence The vicar and parish chaplain of the same church to celebrate for my soul one day a week to the sum of 10 shillings the vicar and the chaplain both having one penny until the full sum of 10 shillings is used up. A pilgrim to go to the shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Walsingham [Norfolk] another to go the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary at [Woolpit? Suffolk]. My Wife Margaret shall have my messuage for the term of her life, and on her death the same shall remain to my son Geoffrey and to his heirs; the said son Geoffrey shall then pay to my daughter Alice the sum of 5 marks out of the said messuage. If son Geoffrey should die during the lifetime of Margaret, his mother, then on her deatrh the said messuage shall be sold by my executors and provided John Helwys wishes be the same, he shall have it before any other purchaser under the price. With the money arising from the said sale, 10 marks shall go to Laxfield church and then the residue of the sum shall be disposed of in good deeds for the good of my soul. Residue of all goods and estate whatsoever to go to my wife Margaret and to Simon Jurdon; they appointed executors.1

William departed this life in Laxfield. He was buried there at Laxfield in All Saints Churchyard. His will was probated on 8 February 1473.


Margaret (?)


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