Ligulph (?)1

M, b. circa 1024, d. before 14 May 1080
FatherLigulph (?)
Ligulph in Armor [Pearsall Family by Clarence E. Pearsall Volume I: Chapter 11, section 3, page 206a]
     Ligulph was born circa 1024 in Yorkshire, England. Ligulph married Aeldgyth de Northumberland, daughter of Ealdred - Earl of Bernicia, in Northumbria, England. They were related descended from the ancient Bernician-Northumbrian Kings through the later line of Bernician Earls. Prior to 1076, Ligulph removed, with many of his people, from Northumbria to reside at Lumley in county Durham. He was one of the counselors of Walcher, who had become Bishop of Durham on 3 April 1071. Walcher had come into possession of the Earldom of Northumberia when his friend, Waltheof, a nephew of Ligulph, had the earldom removed from him and was then killed. When Northumbria was invaded in 1079 by Malcolm III of Scotland, Walcher did nothing to protect the people. This greatly upset Ligulph & a feud ensued between two of Walcher's men: Gilbert, Walcher's kinsman & Leopwin, his chaplin. Gilbert reacted by invading Ligulph's home in Northumbria during the night, killing Ligulph and most of his household. Walcher had not sanctioned the action and was saddened at the death of his friend and adviser. The murders enraged the people of Northumbria and they, of course, wanted revenge for the death of their popular and trusted leader. Walcher agreed to meet the Northumbrians to explain to them the truth of the death of Ligulph. The Northumbrains did not believe him. Walcher retreated into a church, but the mop now would not be satisfied with anything less than his death. Bishop Walcher left the chuch and was immediately killed by those on the outside. He died on 14 May 1080. Liqulph was noted in the records of the day as being a Thane/Thegn.2,3


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