Joseph Carpenter1

M, b. 1635, d. before 9 July 1684
FatherWilliam Carpenter b. c 1610, d. 7 Sep 1685
MotherElizabeth Arnold b. 23 Nov 1611
     Joseph was born in 1635 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. Joseph married Hannah Carpenter, daughter of William Carpenter and Abigail (?), on 21 April 1659. Joseph married a second cousin, Hannah. Her father died shortly before herwedding bequething to her a parcel of land located in Pawtuxet, Rhode Island and such books in his library as showed her to have been a woman of good education and ability. Joseph lived in Warwickwhere he owned a corn mill and lived on the south sideof the Pawtuxet River at the Wading Place near the falls. He resided there until 1667. At this time, Joseph became involved with the setting up of the new settlement of Hempstead on Long Island. However, there was a disagreement among Joseph his partners, an earlier group of settlers, and the Indians who owned the land in this area of Long Island. With the help of Captain John Underhill, and Matthais Harvey, governor settled the dispute in the favor of Joseph and his group. This discision was largely due to Joseph's intentions of erecting mills much as he had done at Pawtuxet.
In November of 1668, Joseph Carpenter, Nathaniel Cole, Abiah Carpenter,Thomas Townsend, and Robert Cole became equal shareholders in what they called the "Five Proprietors of Mucketa CovePlantations." They each received a home lotthat situated them on the highway which they designated at "The Place". The site of these homes were still Identifiable in the early 1900's and the ancient name was still on the street.

True to their word, the settlers built a saw mill immediately and hadfinished the house by the winter of 1668. This became the home of Joseph and became the birth place of his children born after this date. Joseph lived out the remainder of his life here and of course was quite prominent in the affairs of the settlement. It is probable that he is buried near the site of his home. Joseph's wife, Hannah, died before 8 June 1673 in Pawtuxet, Providence County, Rhode Island, leaving him a widower. Joseph married 2nd Anna Weekes before 2 September 1674 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York. On the 2nd of September 1674, Joseph Carpenter and his wife Anna are at Pawtuxet and sign a deed of property to Stephen Arnold. Joseph departed this life before 9 July 1684 in Musketa Cove, Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York.

Family 1

Hannah Carpenter b. 3 Apr 1640, d. b 8 Jun 1673

Family 2

Anna Weekes b. c 1647, d. a 9 Jul 1684


  1. [S38] Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, History & Genealogy of the Carpenter Family In America From the Settlement at Providence, R. I. 1637 - 1901
    , page 31 - II Joseph Carpenter, eldest son of William' and Elizabeth (Arnold) Carpenter, was born at Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, about 1635. The first mention that we find concerning him is at Providence, .R. I., where on May 3, 1656,* he is a witness to a deed from his uncle Stephen Arnold to his father, which indicates that at that date he was of legal age ... On April 21, 1659,t he was married to Hannah, daughter of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Mass. She was born at Weymouth, Mass., February 3, 1640, and no doubt was second cousin to her husband. Her father died just before her marriage, and by his will, which is on record at Plymouth, Mass., he bequeathed to her a portion of land at Pawtuxet, and such books from his library as showed her to have been a woman of good education and ability. The Town Records' show that Joseph Carpenter was an inhabitant of the town of Warwick where he had a Coyne Mill," and where stood his dwelling house on the South side of the Pautuxet River at the wading place near the Falls on said River." This property was purchased by his father from Matthias Harvey and given to him, probably at the time of his marriage. Here he appears to have remained until 1667, although as early as 1663 § he was at Long Island making negotiations with the Indians for the purchase of land at Oyster Bay; page 34 - On November 24, 1668, he received as equal shareholders with him Nathaniel Coles, Abia Carpenter (his brother-in-law), Thomas Townsend, and Robert Coles. ... they styled themselves " The Five Proprietors of Musketa Cove Plantations"; page 35 - About 1673 Joseph Carpenter had the misfortune to lose his wife by death. She was only about thirty-three years of age ... We are led to place the time of her decease in 1673 to the following recorded events. On June 8, 1673, Abia Carpenter (the brother of Hannah) received a deed from Joseph Carpenter conveying to him all his interests, etc., in lands at Pawtuxet which came to him by the will of his wife's father, and in return Abia transferred all his rights at Musketa Cove to Joseph Carpenter, and is after-wards found at Pawtuxet. Then, on September 2, 1674, Joseph Carpenter and his wife Ana " * are at Pawtuxet and sign deed of property to Stephen Arnold. These events," we think, show very clearly the approximate date of the death of Hannah Carpenter and the re-marriage of her husband ... The second wife of Joseph Carpenter was Ann (or Anna), daughter of Francis and Elizabeth (Luther) Weekes. She and her brothers Samuel, John, and Joseph were baptized in the Dutch Church at New York in 1647; page 36 - His [Francis Weekes] will* mentions " his daughter Ann, ye relict and widow of Joseph Carpenter, deceased; and Elizabeth ye wife of Nicholas Simpkins."; page 43 - We have to rely again upon the events of the period for the proofs relating to his family, which proofs have been carefully gone over and if followed out can but convince the reader of their correctness. Joseph Carpenter's children were born between 166o and 1683 ; there appear to have been nine of them, and the order of their birth is approximately as follows: Children: 10 JOSEPH; born at Pawtuxet, R. I., 1660; 11 A DAUGHTER, name unknown, born 1662 (married William Thornicraft); 12 TAMSEN, born 1664, married John Williams; 13 WILLIAM, born 1666; 14 NATHANIEL, born 1668, first white child born at Musceta Cove; I S. HANNAH, born 1672-3, married Jacob Hicks in 1690; 16 ANN, born 1676, married 7oseph Weeks. 1 By; I7 BENJAMIN, born 168o.     second; 18 JOHN, born 1683.