John Brooke

M, b. circa 1530
FatherRobert Brooke b. c 1495, d. b 21 Jul 1551
MotherKatherine (?) b. c 1506, d. b 14 Mar 1566
     John was born circa 1530 in England.1 John married Elizabeth Whetman, daughter of Father Whetman and Mother (?), on 8 May 1554 in London, County Middlesex, England, at St. Leonard's Church [Nigh Eastcheap].2 He had completed his apprenticeship as a leather seller about 1546/47. He was a leather seller in London.3 The will he wrote was not dated.

I John Brooke Citizen and Leatherseller of London beinge whole and sounde of bodye and of good and perfecte remembraunce ... doe make ... my last will ... First and principally and above all earthlye thinges I gyve and bequeathe and commende my soule to allmightie god ... And my bodye to be buried with the p[ar]ish Churche of Saincte Leonard nighe eastcheape in London ... yf I doe dye within the said Cittye of London, yf not then to be buried where yt shall please god ... And alsoe after my debts paide or sett in order to be paide ... all and singuler my goods cattells, plate, Jewells, ready money and debtes whatsoevr shalbe devided into three equall and indifferente partes, whereof one thirde pte I doe fullye and whollie give and bequeathe to Elizabeth my welbeloved wife ... And one other thirde parte thereof I doe give and bequeathe to and amongest all my childrenn nowe beinge alive, that ys to saie, To William Brooke, Johan Brooke, Suzan Brooke, Margarett Brooke, Elizabeth Brooke, Johan [John] Brooke, Robert Brooke, Katherine Brooke, Thomas Brooke and Sara Brooke ... And the other thirde parte thereof I doe fullye and wholye reserve to my selfe for the p[er]formaunce and fullfillinge of such guifts and legacies as I have given herein ... to the saide Elizabeth my wyfe One hundreth pounds currant money of Englande ... the sayd Elizabeth my wife and her assigns shall have hould occupye possesse and enioye to her and their owne use, All that p[ar]cell of Lande called Alkens Lande conteyninge Fower Crofts, And alsoe all that p[ar]cell of Lande called Wardens sett lyenge and beinge in the p[ar]ishe of Childerditche in the Countie of Essex, And alsoe shall have ... & receive to hir and theire owne use all the rents issues and proffitts of the same for and during( the terme of her naturall lyfe, whiche p[ar]cells of Land I houlde by vertue of twoe Leases heretofore graunted to one Thomas Thresser late of Childerdiche aforesaid yeoman deceased, She the same Elizabeth my wife paienge the rentes and p[er]fourminge the Covenntes reserved and mencioned in and by the same twoe Leases ... after suche the decease of the saide Elizabeth my wife unto my sonne John Brooke ... Item ... to all my sayde Childrenn Foure hundreth poundes currant money ... amongest them to be devided     uppon this condicon That my said children shall p[er]mitt and suffer the sayde Elizabeth my wife to occupye and enioye my sayde p[ar]cells of lande in Childerdiche ... Item ... to my sister Isabell Homes the wife of Xpofer (Christopher) Homes one cassockclothe of Eleaven shillinges the yarde, and Fyve poundes of currant money of England to be paide to her twoe shillinges everye weeke weekely untyll yt be ronne oute ... to the poore people harbored in the hospitall called Saincte Thomas hospitall in Sowthwarke in the Countie of Surrey fortie shillinges ... to the poore people harboured in the hospitall called Christe Hospitall in London Fourtie shillinges ... to be payde to them ... at my buriall, Soe that the children doe comme to my buriall ... to the poore persones [here evidently not to be read as "clergymen"] in Newgate, Ludgate, the Kings benche the Marshallsey and the White Lyon Fyftie shillinges that is to saie, to everie of the same prison howses Tenne shillinges, at sundrye tymes in breade and to the twoe prisons called the Compters in London Tenne shillinges that ys to saie, to eyther of them fyve shillinges in breade ... to Twelve poore Men Twelve gownes of clothe at fower shillinges the yarde by them to be worne at my buriall Item I give to fower other menn to carrye my bodye to the Churche Fower shillinges, That ys to saye, to every of them Twelve pence ... Item ... fourtie shillinges to be given at the Churche aforesaide at the daie of my buriall in breade amongest such poore people as shall thenn repaire thither to receive the same ... to the Fellowshipp and Companye of Lethersellers of London three poundes currante money of Englande to make them a dynner at their Hall or at the Taverne on the daie of my buriall for that their be at
my buriall ... to Mr Eaton now p[ar]son of Saincte Leonardes aforesaid and to other preachers Fourtie shillinges ... to make eighte Sermons for mee in the saide Church within eighte mounethes after my decease ... to every of my saide children, And to all those that have married with any of my sayde children, And to all my servaunts and apprentizes whiche shall dwell with mee at the tyme of my decease everye of them a blacke downe or a cassocke ... the saide Elizabeth my wife my soale Executrix ... my sonne William Broke Letherseller and my sonne in lawe Robert Foote Cittizen and Fishemonger of London Overseers ... to the saide William Brooke my sonne, All and singuler that my Messuage or Tenemente with shoppes, cellers, sollers [lofts], warehouses, yardes, lightes, easements, comiodities and hereditaments with appurtenaunces whatsoever thereunto belonginge, commonly called the Signes of the Starre and the Stirrope sett and being in Gracious Street in the said p[ar]ishe of St. Leonard nowe beinge in the occupacon of me the said John Brooke, And all and singuler my Messuages, Lands, Tenements, meadowes, Leasues, pastures, feedings, wooddes, under wooddes, Rents, revsions, and hereditamts with all and singular their appurtenaunces whatsover sett lyinge and beinge in the parish of Horshm in the Countie of Sussex nowe being in the occupacon of Richard Hollande ... and to theires [the heirs] of his Bodye law-.4

John died before 8 July 1584 probably at his home in London. Since there is no record of his burial at St. Leonard's, he may have died elsewhere. With there being no record of his burial in the St. Leonard's registers, it is not known where he was buried.5 His will was probated on 8 July 1584.


Elizabeth Whetman b. c 1535, d. b 30 Jun 1599


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