Peter Wright1,2

M, b. circa 1596, d. circa 1662
FatherNicholas Wright III b. c 1560
MotherMargaret Nelson
     Peter was born circa 1596 in Barton Turf, County Norfolk, England. Peter married Alice Wright, daughter of William Wright, in 1637 in County Norfolk, England. Peter was one of the first settlers of Oyster Bay, and in fact could be called "founder of Oyster Bay" in that the other original Purchasers soon after removed to other settlements. Peter was also involved in the contract of sale of land in which it was probably the first of Long Island to include a mortgage fee.

"John Hinkman sell to John Dickerson, a piece of land at Oyster Bay, and inayment received broad cloth to the amount of three pounds, and liquors to the amount of one pound. A quart of sack and a half pint of liquor was paid to Peter Wright for making the bargain."

Peter's family was quite involved with their faith in particular his three daughters: Mary, Hannah, and Lydia. These sisters traveled throughout New England denouncing the cruel treatment of its members of their religion. This, of course, brought punishment and suffering upon themselves.

Alice, the wife of Peter, was a wealthy woman, partly due to her husband's business, but also due to her own business judgements. At her death, she was without doubt the wealthest woman in the town. Peter drowned circa 1662 at Virginia.


Alice Wright b. 1614, d. b 13 Oct 1685


  1. [S124] A Memorial of John, Henry, and Richard Townsend & their descendants., page 57 - "Peter Wright's homestead was next to John Dickinson's. He may be called the founder of Oyster Bay. He was the only one of the original three purchasers who settled here ; and of those whom they admitted as partners, not one continued longer than ten years, excepting his brother Anthony, who had no children ; but Peter and his brother Nicholas left large families, and for many years they were, in point of ability, influence, and fortune, among the leading men of the town."
  2. [S106] Howland Delano Perrine, The Wright Family of Oysterbay, L.I. with the ancestry of and descent from Peter Wright and Nicholas Wright, 1423-1923, pages 25-26 - Anthony, Peter, and Nicholas Wright migrated together, first landing in the New World, at Saugus, now Lynn, Massachusetts Colony, in August, 1635.
    The brothers remained at Saugus, or vicinity, until 1637, going from thence to Sandwich, in Plymouth Colony, at which place they remained until their final migration to Oyster Bay in 1653. While settled at Sandwich the brothers appear to have been quite active in the affairs of the settlement, in acquiring lands, and in the civic and social administration of that historic town on Cape Cod. (Oyster Bay Town Records. Vol. 1, pp. 102-103.) We have no date of marriage of Nicholas Wright, but it was probably at Sandwich that such a ceremony occurred. While living there children were born to both Peter, and Nicholas Wright. Freeman in his history of Cape Cod makes very frequent mention of
    the three brothers. "On April 3, 1637, a grant of the site of Sandwich was made to Edmund Freeman, and his nine associates. These ten had for some time prior to the above date been inhabitants of Lynn (Saugus), and with them to the new settlement came, Anthony, Nicholas and Peter Wright." (Hist. of Cape Cod. Freeman. 1869. Vol. 2, p. 17.)
    Peter, Nicholas and Anthony Wright were granted lands in the township of Sandwich in 1640. (Plymouth Records. Vol. 1, p. 150.) On April 16, 1640, a division of the Sandwich meadows was ordered, and as a result of that division Peter and Nicholas Wright each received two and one-half acres, and Anthony Wright received two acres. (Hilt of Cape Cod. Freeman. 1869. Vol. 1, p. 165.)
    "August, 1643. The names of all the males that are able to beare acmes from XVj (16) yeares to 60 years wtain the severall Townshipps &c"
    show the names of Anthony, Peter and Nicholas Wright. (Plymouth Records. Vol. 8, p. 192.) Peter and Nicholas Wright took the oath of fidelity. (Ibid. Vol. 8, p. 184.) On June 4, 1645, Anthony Wright was appointed one of the surveyors of highways for Sandwich. (Ibid. Vol. 2, p. 184.) On June 6, 1649, Peter Wright was appointed to same office, and on June 5, 1651, Nicholas Wright had the same appointment. (Ibid. Vol. 2, pp. 139 and 168.) In the same year Peter Wright was a member of the "Grand Enquest " (Ibid. Vol. 2, p. 168.) Peter Wright had children, viz.: Peter, born (died?) February 28, 1651; Adam, born March 20, 1651; Sara, born February 11, 1648, and a child stillborn on December 16, 1648. There are records of the burial of Mordecay, March 20, 1649/50 o. s., he having been born October 30, 1649, and a William buried May 2, 1648. (Ibid. Vol. 8, pp. 6, 9 and 11; Hist. of Cape Cod. Free-man.. 1869. Vol. 2, p. 44.) Nicholas Wright had a daughter Mercy (Mary) born June 4, 1651.
    In the spring of 1653, the brothers joined a company under the leadership of Rev. William Leverich, for the purpose of forming a riew settlement on Long Island. The journey was made by water, in the sloop "Desire," of Barnstable, John Dickinson, Master, and ended at the new home site at Oyster Bay. Here Peter Wright, Samuel Mayo and Rev. William Leverich, for themselves, and associates, were the grantees in a deed made to them, on behalf of the Indian tribe occupying the land, by Asiapum, alias Mohenses, shortly after their coming in that year. The consideration paid to the Indians for the large tract of land conveyed was "6 Indian coates, 6 ketles, 6 fathom of wampum, 6 hoes, 6 hatchetts, 3 pair of stockings, 30 aule blades or minxes, 20 knives, 3 shirts, and as much Peage as will amount to four pounds, Sterling." ...; page 38 - Peter Wright, the eldest of the three brothers, was born in county Norfolk, England, in the last decade of the 16th Century, coming to America in 1635, with his brothers Anthony and Nicholas Wright. He was married before coming to the New World, his wife being Alice, but her maiden name unknown. The early records say :
    "Aug 1635. Among the list of passengers on the ship 'Thomas". Henry Taveaer, Master, to go to Virginia, was Alice Wright, aged 21 years." (Litt of Emigrants. Hottcn p. 126).