Moyles Williams1,2,3,4,5

M, b. circa 1605, d. December 1644
     Moyles was born circa 1605. On 2 April 1635, Moyles left London aboard the ship, "Francis", |Among the passengers was "Michell Will[ia]mson, aged 30 years old, a servant of George Giddings, They arrived at Boston.. E must not have remained a servant for long as he had land in Ipswich. Moyles married Anne Pankhurst, daughter of Nicholas Pankhurst and Barbara Geere, circa 1638 in Massachusetts. He and Anne were blessed with 3 children. H Because of his religious beliefs, he removes to Rhode Island with Ann Hutchinson & her followers who had been banished from Massachusetts. He first appears as an inhabitant of Newport, Rhode Island and a freeman there 16 March 1641. He is among the 50 original proprietors in Hempstead, Long Island in 1644. As an original patentee, he was entitled to 344 acres but in all likelyhood, it was not laid out until after his death. Half of this land went to Henry Pearsall, Anne's second husband. In the will of Henry dated 24 July 1667, he leaves land to Moyles son, Joseph Williams. As to his hame, it is noted as Michael, Moyles, Mitchell ... It may have been Miles, since this name is used among his descendants and Michael was not. Moyles departed this life in December 1644 in Hellgate Neck, Kings County, Long Island, New York.


Anne Pankhurst b. b 12 Nov 1617


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    Association:Servant of George Giddings [Hotten 46].
    Comments: On 2 October 1639, "Michael Williamson & Anne his wife make a letter of deputation & procuratorship to Anthony Stapley of Patcham in Sussex, Esq., to receive of Elizabeth Geere of Lewis [Lewes] in Sussex, widow, executrix of the last will & testament of Dennis Geere late of Saugost deceased 50lb. legacy given by him to the said Anne by the name of Anne Panckhurst"[Lechford 206]. Lechford also prepared "a letter to Mrs. Geere. And a release conditional to Mr. Stapley"[Lechford 206].On 1 September 1640, "Michael Williamson of Rode Island in New England, locksmith, and Anne his wife otherwise called Anne Panckhurst releases the [said] Elizabeth Geere &c."[Lechford 302].
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