Elizabeth Whetman

F, b. circa 1535, d. before 30 June 1599
FatherFather Whetman b. c 1500
MotherMother (?)
     Elizabeth was born circa 1535 in England. She was probably born at Bletchingley, county Surrey. Elizabeth married John Brooke, son of Robert Brooke and Katherine (?), on 8 May 1554 in London, County Middlesex, England, at St. Leonard's Church [Nigh Eastcheap].1 Elizabeth's husband, John, died before 8 July 1584, leaving her a widow. Elizabeth made her will on 18 June 1599.

I Elizabeth Brooke of London wydowe being weake in bodie, yett of good and sounde memorie ... Considering with my selfe, that nothinge is more surr then death and yett the hower thereof most uncerteyne, Doe make and ordeyne this my present Testament conteyninge therein my Last will in manner and former followinge: First I comende and bequeathe my soule into the handes of Almightie god ... my Bodie I comitte the same to the earthe, to be buryed in the Chauncell wthin the Parrishe Churche of St Leonard nighe Eastcheape in London wherre I am a parrishioner in suche decent order as to my Executor undernamed shall seeme good and Convenient And as touchinge the orderinge and disposicon of all suche goodes, moveables Chattels Cattells plate Jewells ready money household stuffe debts and thinges wherewth the Lord hath endowed me in this mortall worlde, I ... bequeathe the same in manner and forme following viz. ... unto and amounge the Companye of Lether sellers in London, to accompanye my Corps to stone ...unto my Daughter Margarett Foote my seconde best cloth gowne garded wth velvett my Chamblett [lustrous fine woolen fabric, usually dyed red] kirtle and my Ringe of gould sett with pearle ... unto my daughter Katheren Floode my black cloth gowne laide with Lace, my seconde petticoat and my silke forepart of a kirtle ... unto my daughter Sarah Storye two yards and a halfe of blacke cloth of Thirtene shillings and four pence the yarde to make her a gowne, and a Ringe of gold wth a Turky ... unto my daughter in lawe Mary Brooke my Tablett of goulde ..…amoungest John Storye Thomas Storye and Marye Storye my daughters Children Six powndes, that is to saie, To everie of them Fortie shillings a peece, To be paide unto them at their full ages of Twentie One yeares or daie of marriage wch shall first happen ... unto Thomas Bethonie my daughters sonne, One Fetherbedd, one Boulster, Twoe Blancketts and the three gilt spoones wch were given him at his Christeninge to be delivred unto him att his age of Twentie and One yeares ... unto Elizabeth Foote daughter of my said daughter Margarett Foote, One guilte ale pott wth twoe eares, and to be delivred unto her father or mother for her use ... unto Mary Foote daughter of my said daughter Joane Foote one other ale pott of silver guilt wth Two eares to be delivered unto her father or mother for her use ... unto William Whetman my brothers sonne, and to his sister Elizabeth Whetmann Fower powndes That is To eche of them Fortie shillings a peece To be paide wthin Six monethes next after my deceasse ... unto Robert Axon a Ringe of gould the value of Fortie shillings, and to his wiefe Elizabeth Axsonne, Two paire of sheets one dozen of napkins, One Towell, two platters, twoe dishes and six plate trenchers of pewter ... unto Sybbyl Flood daughter of my saide daughter Katheryn Flood one silver pott p[ar]cell guilt to be delivered unto her att her age of Twentie one yeares or day of marriage ... unto John Northcott my small sylver salte guilte ... unto Thomas Berry one of my daughters sonnes Three powndes att his age Of Twentie and one yeares ... unto all and everie of the Children of my daughters , which Children are not before mencioned and shalbe livinge att my deceasse Tenne shillings a peece ... at their ages of Twentie and one yeares, or daye of marriage ... to be distributed in money or bread unto the poore on the daie of my buryall Fortye. shillings ... amoungest the poore of the parrishe of Blechinglee in the Countie of Surrey to be distributed where most neede shalbe att the discrecons of the Parsone Churchwardens and Overseers of the poore of the saide parrishe twentie shillings ... I geve ... all that my Messuage, howse or Tente wth all and singuler the appurtenncs in Gracyous streete in London comonlie called or known by the name of the signe of the Starre and Styrope unto my sonne Robert Brooke ... And yf my said sonne Roberte Brooke shall deceasse this liefe wthout heir male of his Bodye lawfullie begotten, or to be begotten, or shall attempt goe about or practize to make anie bargaine sale conveyaunce, assurances acte deede or thinge of the saide Messuage howse or Tenemt and other the premisses, or anie parte thereof ... then I will geve and devyse the saide Messuage ... unto my sonne Thomas Brooke and the heires Males of his bodye ... [same conditions as before] ... Then I will geve and devyse the said Messuage     amongs such of my said daughters Joane Foote, Suzanne Bonner Margarett Foote Katheren Flood and Sarah Storye, and their heires forever as shalbe livinge att such deceasse or tyme of suche attemptinge going about or practesinge anie such saide bargayne sale conveyaunce assurance acte deed or thinge ... unto my said sonne Thomas Brooke and his heires ... my Messuage howse or Tenement, and all the Landes growndes pastures Feilds Feedings heredytaments and appurt

enncs thereunto belonginge or apperteyninge, Conteyninge by estimacon Fortie acres be yt more or lesse sett lyeinge and beinge in Horsham in the Countie of Surrey [error for Sussex] ... under this Condicon That he the saide Thomas Brooke ... shall truelie paie or cause to be paide unto my sonne in Lawe Robert Foote ... wthin Two yeares after my deceasse the some of Twentie six poundes thirtene shillings and four pence [one-third of E80 but this sum is mentioned four times in all!] ... the saide Thomas Brooke ... or Joane his wiefe     shall pay unto my sonne in law John Bonner [the same sum and he is also to pay the same sum to sons-in-law John Foote and Richarde Flood and also] unto my daughter Sarah Storye everie yeare yearelie after my decease duringe so longe tyme as she shall live a widowe Fyve powndes     yf my said sonne Thomas Brooke ... shall make defaulte ... the said messuage in Horsham [shall go unto] my said sonne Robert Brooke ... under the like Condicon ... And yf my said sone Robert Brooke ... shall make default ,„ all the said Messuage ... in Horsham ... [shall be divided] amoungest all my said daughters ... my saide Sonne Thomas Brooke, Executor ... my Last will and Testament conteyninge nyne sheets of paper ... The marke of the said Elizabeth Brooke ... witnesses: John Foote grocer, Robert Brooke, Ra: Carter, Thomas Newman Scr.2

Elizabeth departed this life before 30 June 1599 in London, County Middlesex, England. She was buried at London, County Middlesex, England, in the chancel of St. Leonard's Church [Nigh Eastcheap]. A company of the leather sellers were to accompany her corpse to the church at Nigh Eastcheap along with the children harbored in Christ's Hospital. Her will was probated on 28 July 1599.


John Brooke b. c 1530


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