Lettice Underhill1

F, b. circa 1580
FatherThomas Underhill b. 1545, d. b 7 Jun 1591
MotherMagdalen Amyas d. c Dec 1597
     Lettice was born circa 1580 at Kenilworth Manor, Warwickshire, England. At the death of her mother, Lettice is thought to have followed her brothers and moved to London. There, or rather on what was then the outskirts of London, in St. Martins-in-the-field she was given a place to stay at the home of Arnold Oldisworth, a man of some prominence and influence, but more importantly to Lettice, a man who had spent time doing business at Killingsworth and was quite familiar with the family of Thomas Underhill. Again, a common practice of the time was to put children of armigerous and titled families to spend several years before reaching the age of majority serving in a household of equal or higher status. (An excellent way to meet persons of interest as possible spouses.) Thus, especially with the death of her mother this would have been an excellent choice for Lettice. In her case it was indeed an excellent choice for it was here that she met the man who was to become her husband in less than 2 years after her arrival. Lettice married Reynold Spicer on 6 July 1600 in Westminister, London, County Middlesex, England, at St. Martin's-in-the-Field.


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