Hugh Underhill1

M, b. 1585, d. before 9 December 1624
FatherThomas Underhill b. 1545, d. b 7 Jun 1591
MotherMagdalen Amyas d. c Dec 1597
     Hugh was born in 1585 at Kenilworth Manor, Warwickshire, England. Hugh, as did his older brother George, left Killingsworth to go to London to take up an apprenticeship. Hugh was put into an apprenticeship for an extended period of eleven years beginning in 1595 when he was barely 11 years old. This most likely was done so as to assure Magdelen that her son would be provided for until he reached his age of majority. The warden of the goldsmiths at that time was Sir Richard Martin, the goldsmith of the Queen. This gentleman would undoubtedly have known the keeper of the Wardrobe for the Queen and would have had much respect for him and his family. The length of the apprenticeship and the circumstances in Hugh even receiving it, indicate that the admittance had special circumstances and favors being granted. Hugh completed his apprenticeship and became a freeman in 1606, the same year as his brother George. Hugh married Partesie Bateman on 26 October 1612 in London, County Middlesex, England, at the parsh of St. Mary Mountaw. The Couple made their home at Foster Lane off Cheapside in the parish of St Vedest's Church where the goldsmith's lodging were found. Hugh made his will on 30 August 1624 at Foster Lane off Cheapside, London, County Middlesex, England. Hugh left a large sum of money, 250 pounds, to each of his daughters to be given to them on the day of their marraige or at the age of 21. Other bequests were also made, then the bulk of the estate was given to his wife, Partesie. One item of note is a bequest to the poor of his childhood parish, Killingsworth. Hugh departed this life before 9 December 1624 in London, County Middlesex, England, at Foster Lane off Cheapside. He was buried at London, County Middlesex, England, in the parish of St. Vedest's Church.


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