William Torrey

M, b. 23 September 1701, d. 4 August 1769
FatherLieut. John Torrey b. 23 Jun 1673, d. 7 Jan 1729/30
MotherMary Symmes b. 1676, d. 14 Feb 1758
     William was born on Friday, 23 September 1701 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.1 William married Bethia Bass on 7 December 1727 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.2 William and Bethia had children: William [6/07/1729][m. 11/01/1750 Abigail Nichols], Samuel [1/15/1730-1/16/1731], Bethia [12/30/1731][m. 10/20/1748 Joseph Mann], Esther [1/16/1733][m. 10/31/1751 Israel Cheever], John [8/14/1734-2/009/1808][m. 1/12/1758 Susannah Bowditch & 2nd. 10/01/1766 Hannah Bean] , Twins: Joseph [2/25/1736-9/30/] & Benjamin [2/25/1736], Mary [7/20/1737- 1743], Samuel [2/07/1739], Ebenezer [1/31/1741-3/14/1818][m. Sarah Willson], Mary [7/23/1743] & Abigail [11/09/1745][m. 9/1766 Cuthbert Englesby]. All of the children were born in Boston.3,4 He settled in Boston and was baker by trade. On 30 March 1730, he was appointed as guardian to his younger sister, Ann, and in 1748, his niece, Mary, daughter of his deceased brother, Samuel, appointed him as her legal Guardian. She wanted him to handle the inheritance she had received from her Uncle David Snowden.5 He is on a list of officers and men in His Majesty's service on board the schooner "Success" dated 3 December 1754. The shcooner was captained by his son, William. Wiliam's bakery on Water Street was destroyed in the Great Boston Fire of 1760. This was a great loss to him, his losses amounted to £600 in real estate and personal property of £200.6,7 William died on Friday, 4 August 1769 in Boston at age 67 years, 10 months and 12 days of small pox.


Bethia Bass b. 2 Feb 1704


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