Alfred the Breton (?)1

     Alfred the Breton was born in Brittany, France. Alfred the Breton came from Brittany with Count Alain Le Roux, Count of Pentheivre. Count Alain was the son of the Duke of Brittany and was sent by his father with a large number of knights to the invasion of England in 1066. As a result of their efforts at the Battle of Hastings, Duke William, soon to be William I, King of England, made Count Alain the Earl of Richmond and Alfred the Breton held 22 Lordships mostly in Devonshire at the taking of the Domesday book. From the size of these grants, it is quite certain that Alfred was no mere knight, the reason for the size of these grants is unknown.2




  1. [S1398] Della Hooke, Pre-Conquest Bounds Devon, page 155 - The parish area includes the Domesday manors of Bacheleford, Battleford assessed at a 1 hide and held by Alfred the Breton, and the two manors of Cumbe, now Combe Fishacre, both held in 1086 as part of the barony of Totnes . . .
  2. [S1400] Ancient Bruttons / Devon, England: Domesday Summary - Alfred or Auvrai Le Breton came from Brittany in the train of Count Alain Le Roux (Red) Count of Penthievre. The Count, son of the Duke of Brittany, was sent by his father with a huge contingent of knights to the invasion of England. Count Alain was made Earl of Richmond by Duke William for his assistance at the Battle of Hastings. Auvrai Le Breton held 22 Lordships, mostly in Devonshire, at the taking of the Domesday Book. Throughout England there were another eight Le Bretons. Each probably had a different genealogy and it is not known what their relationship was to each other, if any. However, it must be reasonably certain that Auvrai Le Breton was no mere knight, judging from the size of his grants. We may conjecture that he was the son of Count Alain. -…