Aenor de Totnes

FatherJuhel de Totnes d. bt 1123 - 1130
     Aenor de was born in Devonshire, England, at the barony of Barnestable.1 Aenor de married Phillip de Braose.2


Phillip de Braose d. bt 1134 - 1155


  1. [S1394] Feudal barony of Barnstaple, source - Sanders, I.J., English Baronies, Oxford, 1960 - Juhel's son and heir was Alfred de Totnes, who died sine prole some time before 1139, leaving two sisters as his co-heiresses each to a moiety of the barony: Aenor and a sister whose name is unknown.
  2. [S1397] Juhel de Totnes, Aenor, were his co-heiresses, each inheriting a moiety of the barony of Barnstaple. The unnamed sister married Henry de Tracy whilst Aenor married Philip de Braose (d.1134/55), feudal baron of Bramber, Sussex and a Marcher Lord,[8][9] son of William I de Braose (d.1093/6). In 1206 Juhel's great-grandson William III de Braose (1140/50-1211) regained control of 1/2 the barony of Totnes.
    Juhel was still living in 1123 but had died before 1130.