Germain Toin

M, b. circa 1 April 1676, d. 15 January 1740
     Germain was born circa 1 April 1676 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Roch Toin & Denise Colin. He was christened there on 1 April 1676 in the church of St-Enfant-Jesus.1 Germain married Marie-Madeleine Baudouin, daughter of Jean Baudouin and Marie-Charlotte Chauvin, on 26 January 1704 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at the church of St-Enfant-Jesus.2 Germain and Marie Madeleine had children: Marie Madeleine [12/07/1704-11/19/1786][m. Jean Baptiste Venne], Marie Denise Madeleine [12/05/1706-11/24/1777][m. 1/22/1731 Charles Cadot], Germain [11/29/1708- 2/06/1777][m. 1/30/1736 Charlotte Millet], Agathe [11/01/1710-3/14/1780][m. 1/30/1736 Jean Baptiste Chaput], Marie Madeleine [4/15/1712-3/24/1761][m. 2/25/1737 Jean Baptiste Lorion], Cecile [1/12/1714-1/16/1714], Jean Baptiste [8/17/1715-8/20/1715], Francois [9/23/1717-5/02/1791][m. Marie Josephe Loiselle], Marie Charlotte [9/10/1719-][m. 2/06/1742 Gervais Archambault] & Nicolas [3/04/1722-8/19/1804][m. 6/21/1751 Marie Anne Galarneau].3 Germain departed this life on Friday, 15 January 1740 in Montreal. He was buried there in the cemetery of Notre Dame on Saturday, 16 January 1740.4


Marie-Madeleine Baudouin b. 26 Sep 1685, d. c 1 May 1771


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