Johane (?)

     Johane was born in Devonshire, England. John married Johane (?), son of John Scoos II and Joan Horswyll, after 7 March 1513. On this day, property was conveyed to his father, then to his mother & then to John Jr. No mention was made of a wife for John Jr. of Milton. Johane's husband, an unknown person , died after 24 December 1521 in Upton, South Milton, Devonshire, England, leaving her a widow; He died after the Inquisition Post Mortem of his father dated 24 December 1521. Since he died without issue, the Chancery Court ruled in 1550, that Traine Manor reverted to his brother Wiliam.


John Scoos III b. 1471, d. a 24 Dec 1521