Lucia (?)

     Lucia was born. She is thought to be the daughter of John Mountjoie.1 Lucia married Sir John Bagot, son of Sir William Bagot and Hawisia (?), circa 1310.


Sir John Bagot b. c 1275


  1. [S929] Staffordshire Record Society, Collections of a history of Staffordshire, Volume 11: page 24 - At Trinity term, 35 E. I. (1307), John de Mountjoye gave 2Qs. for licence of Concord with John Bagot of Bromley Bagot,3 and at the following Hillary term, John Bagot and Lucy, his wife, gave a mark for licence of Concord with John de Mountjoye. This Fine was enrolled at Easter term i E. II. (1308); by the terms of it two parts of the manor of Bromley Bagot were settled on John Bagot and Lucy, for their lives, with remainder to the right heirs of John : the presence of John de Mountjoye as sole feoffee in this Fine makes it probable that Lucy was a Mountjoye/' This family were lords of Yeldersley, Locko and Spondon in Derbyshire.