Francois Merand

M, b. 11 May 1819, d. 12 March 1886
FatherAmbroise Merand b. 16 Aug 1782, d. bt 25 Oct 1836 - 14 Sep 1846
MotherJulie Rivard dit Lanouette b. 17 Feb 1794, d. 12 Sep 1846
     Francois was born on Tuesday, 11 May 1819 in Ste-Anne-de-La-Perade, Champlain County, Quebec, Canada. He was christened on the same day there in Ste-Anne-de-La-Perade Church.1 Francois married Mary Campbell on 27 November 1844 in Belleville, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada, at St. Michael the Archangel Church.2 On 25 November 1844, Francis Maurand purchased fifty acres on the southwest 1/4 of lot 14 in the eleventh concession of Hungerford Township from David Embury. On 12 April 1850, Francis Mareau purchased a parcel from Felix Gabourie of lot 14 in the twelveth concession. This was land Felix had purchased from James Campell. On 10 June 1850, Francis Mareau purchased another 100 acres on this lot from his father-in-law James Campbell & wife. James Campbell had owned it as early as 1836. On 20 September 1853, he bought sixty-four acres on lot 14 of the eleventh concession from Feliz Gabourie & wife. On 22 January 1874, Francis Maurand purchased 100 acres on the east 1/2 lot 17 in the tenth concession from the Canada Company. On 9 December 1879, Francis Maurand purchased 100 acres on the north 1/2 of lot 12 in the twelveth concession from Joseph Gabourie & wife. These records were taken from the original land records located at the Land Registry Office in Belville. Located on these documents was found his will where he mentions all his children noting Julie, wife of Joseph Babourie & Fanny, wife of Fredrick Gabourie.

Francis & Mary had children: Francis Xavier, James, Mary Eliza, Charles Antoine, Julie Anne, Frances Lenor, Edward, Joseph, & Elizabeth. Francis & Mary had children: Francis Xavier [7/__/1845-4/29/1918][m. 6/16/1873 Mary Ann Hawkins], James [7/03/1847], Mary Eliza [3/01/1849-1911][m. ca 1891 Gabriel Morrow], Charles Antoine [6/15/1851-3/09/1916][m. 10/29/1889 Ellen Hawkins], Julie Ann [3/31/1854-1913][m. 4/25/1871 Joseph Gabourie], Frances Lenora [11/__/1855][m. 1874 Fredrick Gabourie], Edward [4/26/1862-5/27/1893], Joseph [3/12/1864-1934][m. 1891 Hannah M. Murphy] & Elizabeth [1/25/1869-1/16//1891]. 16 February 1861, Francois and his wife, Mary, were listed on the Canadian Census at Hungerford Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Francis Mureraw [41 Lower Canada], Mary [32 Ireland], Francis E. [19 West Canada], James [17 West Canada], Mary [12 West Canada], Charles A. [9 West Canada], Julie Ann [7 West Canada], Fanny L. [5 West Canada], Edward [1 West Canada], Mary Camble [56 Ireland, widow]. [Distrct 3]
On Agriculture Census Francis Mureraw owned 100 acres, 65 cultivated; Total Value $1000. Description: East 1/2 of Lot 14 in the 11th Concession. Not clearly written, but part of lot 15 is also included. [District 3, page ] 1871, Francois and his wife, Mary, were listed on the Canadian Census at Hungerford Township. Enumerated in this household were Francis Meareau [50 Ontario], Mary [44 Ontario], Francis E. [24 Ontario], James [22 Ontario], Mary [19 Ontario], Charles A. [19 Ontario], Julie Ann [17 Ontario], Lenor [14 Ontario], Edward [12 Ontario], Joseph [6 Ontario], Elizabeth [3 Ontario], Mary Campbell [78]. [Dist. 3, Hastings East, pages 21-22]

Francois's wife, Mary, died on 16 August 1874 in Hungerford Township leaving him a widower. 1881, Francois was listed on the Canadian Census at Hungerford Township. Enumerated in this household were Francis Marraund [65], James [32], Mary Eliza [31], Charles Antoine [29], Edward [21], Joseph [17], Elizabeth [13]. [Hungerford East Dist. 3, page 35]
Francois made his will before 12 March 1886 at Hungerford Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. Francis' will is found listed on his land record in Hungerford Township [Lot 14 in the eleventh concession]. 6 January 1887, mentions Thomas McCann & Nelson Lashway as executors of Francis Maraund. Mentions children & heirs of the late Francis Maurand: Francis & wife, Edward, Joseph, Mary, Eliza, Elizabeth, Julia Ann Gobourie & Joseph Gabourie her husband, Fanny Lenor Gabourie & Fred Gabourie her husband. Francois departed this life on Friday, 12 March 1886 in Hungerford Township at age 66 years, 10 months and 1 day. He was buried there in Stocco, Hungerford Township in St. Edmund Church Cemetery. He was buried in plots 297 & 298. His tombstone reads 12 March 1886 - age 69 years, 10 months, 12 days. He was buried with his wife & some of his children. His will was probated on 14 March 1887.


Mary Campbell b. 1827, d. 16 Aug 1874


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