Louis-Marie Meran

M, b. 1 September 1734, d. 18 December 1795
FatherLouis Mayrand b. c 1702, d. 26 Feb 1788
MotherMarie-Madeleine Brunette b. c 1709, d. 1 Mar 1786
     Louis-Marie was born on Wednesday, 1 September 1734 in Deschambault, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada. He was christened on the same day there in the church of St-Joseph.1 Louis-Marie married Marie-Agathe Arcand on 30 July 1764 in Grondines, Portneuf County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Charles-de-Roches Church.2 Louis-Marie & Marie-Agathe had children: Marie Agathe [6/23/1765-1/25/1810][m. 2/20/1786 Jean-Baptiste Perron], Marie Josephte [10/23/1766-6/01/1836][m. 7/09/1788 Francois Arcand & 2nd 2/07/1814 Joseph Gegoire], Marie-Louise [1/14/1769-12/18/1838][m. 2/02/1795 Rene Arcand], a child [7/14/1769-7/14/1769], Marie Marguerite [7/15/1771-11/09/1821][m. 1/14/1793 Louis Ramond], Marie Angelique [4/13/1773-1/13/1829][m. 1/14/1793 Pierre Frenette], Marie-Francoise [8/31/1775-3/17/1845][m. 1/19/1795 Louis Bouille], Louis [1/02/1778-4/07/1845][m. 2/11/1800 Marie-Anne Touzin & 2nd 8/24/1819 Marie-Marguerite Trottier], Scholastique [1779][m. 9/03/1799 Dominique Charland], Joseph [12/01/1781][m. 2/07/1804 Marie Champoux dit St Pair], Francois Xavier [11/11/1783-11/15/1785], Nathalie Marie [2/04/1785][m. 2/11/1806 Jean Parent], Madeleine [7/05/1787-9/08/1819][m. 1/10/1809 Jean-Baptiste Arcand] & Marie Anne [8/21/1788][m. 8/27/1810 Louis Morin].3 Louis-Marie departed this life on Friday, 18 December 1795 in Deschambault at age 61 years, 3 months and 17 days. He was buried there in the churchyard of St-Joseph on Sunday, 20 December 1795.4


Marie-Agathe Arcand b. 3 Nov 1745, d. 2 May 1830


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