Louis Melin

M, b. 20 November 1652, d. circa 1687
     Louis was born on Wednesday, 20 November 1652 in Froisis-de-Raye, Nantes, Loire-Alantique, Pays de la Loire, France, at the parish of St-Pierre. He was the son of Louis Mellin & Jeanne Collin.1 A contract for the marriage of Louis and Marie-Anne Massard was signed on 9 November 1682 in Quebec, Canada. It was drawn up by notary Gilles Rageot. It noted that he was residing at Lauzon; originated from St-Pierre, Froisis-de-Raye, diocese of Nantes; son of the late Louis Melline & Jeanne Collin. It noted that she was of Lauzon; daughter of Nicolas Massard.2 Louis & Marie-Anne had children: Marie-Jeanne [1/09/1686-4/26/1713][m. 9/09/1706 Blaise Foudurose] & Francoise-Angelique [2/10/1687-12/02/1764][m. 10/29/1705 Pierre Moreau Francoeur].3 Louis departed this life circa 1687 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Marie-Anne Massard b. 20 Feb 1667, d. 20 Oct 1753


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