Chief Gilkrist Makurerdy1

M, b. circa 1425
     Gilkrist was born circa 1425 on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. Gilkrist married his wife in Scotland. Gilkrist was a Scottish chief on the Isle of Bute which lies off the west coast of Scotland in the Firth of Clyde. Bute is a small island, twelve miles long from north to south and averaging 5 miles in width. It is separated from Aaron by a narrow Channel. Gilkrist, along with other Makurerdy's, received grants from James IV on his trip to the western isles. King James made this trip and several others in order to secure the loyality of the clans. The first trip was in 1489; the last was in the early 1490's. It is not known definitely that this is the family that received a grant from James IV, but the names fit perfectly with Gilkrist and his family.The Makurerdy Clan had long been the dominant tribe on the Isle of Bute. The Stewart Clan had also been on the isle for many years. 2


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