Daniel McCurdy1,2

M, b. 1677, d. 1747
FatherPethric McCurdy b. c 1640
MotherMargaret Stewart
     Daniel was born in 1677 in Cairne, County Antrim, Ireland. Daniel married Margaret Laughlin circa 1699 in County Antrim, Ireland. Daniel inherited his father's property in the Cairne, County Antrim, Scotland. Daniel has also been noted as being of Ahoghill. His wife, Margaret, was a Scottish refugee family. The list of their children may not be complete; the extremely long lives of the known children has been noted at least by one researcher and is beleived to be accurate. Daniel departed this life in 1747 in County Antrim, Ireland, at age 70 years.


Margaret Laughlin


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    My Dear Brother John:
    I received your message a few weeks ago and was glad to hear from you; as we had thot you dead long ago; and we were more surprised to hear you had found a wife in Guinea and hav two children.
    I can hardly tell you the names as many of the old people are dead since you left, but as you want to know about our forefathers to preserv for future generations I will tell you all I hav learned from Uncle Neil, grand-father's brother, still living at the age of 81 years.
    His father Pathrick was the eldest of six children: Pathrick, Daniel, Neil, Margaret, James and Cecilia. James married Polly Cook and went to America about 50 years ago (about 1760). Daniel. married Jeanet Jackson; Neil never married. He died two years ago at the age of 97. Margaret died a few weeks ago at the good old age of 100. She was a grand old woman. I've often heard her tell how her grandparents were persecuted by the Episcopalians, and other sects in Scotland, and how her grandfather fled to Ireland with four brothers in a boat and the hardships they had crossing the Clyde.
    I also heard her talk of a visit she took with her nephew, Jackson McCurdy, to Ayr and there saw Robert Burns, then a yong man of no note, but afterwards became a famous poet.
    Cecelia died in 1779 at the age of 85. Patrick died in 1798 at the age of 98; he married his cousin, Mary Langhlin.
    Uncle Neil says his grandfather was Daniel, the youngest of five brothers, James, David, William, John and Daniel. All of these had children but William.
    Davids children were girls.
    Daniel died in 1847 [correction: 1747] at the age of 70. His wife's name was Margaret Laughlin.
    Daniels father's name was Pathrick, one of five brothers who were refugees from Scotland.
    Pathrick, John and Daniel were in the bloody battle of the Boyne in 1630. Some of them with their families were in the siege of Derry.
    Uncle Neil's wife, Aunt Jane, died two years ago. She was the only daughter of Andrew McCurdy. He was a brother of John who married Aunt Lucretia. They were sons of James and Jerusha McCurdy.
    James had eight children, John, Margaret, Elizabeth, Daniel, Andrew, Mary, Robert and David. We don't know who they all married. Elizabeth married William Tomson ; Margaret married William McGlade, and Mary married James McClure.
    We don't know who Robert and David married. David went to America many years ago and was still living in 1808. He was then 99 years old.
    Andrew married Mary McGill and had three children, Samuel, Jane and Andrew Jr.
    Samuel's son, Alexander, married Peggy Weir. Andrew Jr. married Bridget Donahue. Their children are John, Bridget, Alexander, Rayedin and Daniel. John and Daniel are in America.
    Robert had several sons and daughters; his son, John, died about 25 years ago.
    His son, David, married and took his family to America many Years ago. His son, Robert, also is in America. We know nothing of his daughters except Sarah and Rose.
    Sarah married Robert McCurdy of Carumore; he was a son of Daniel and Sarah's first cousin.
    Rose married John Huey, but we know nothing of their family.
    Uncle Archy died five years ago at the age of 83. His son, Archy, died the same year.
    Archy's wife is also dead. Their children, Lizzie, Mary and Neil are in America.
    Uncle Daniel married Mary Butler. Both are dead leaving a large posterity.
    Aunt Lucretia died last May at the age of 83.
    Uncle John died in 1798 at the age of 98. Their children were Archy, John and Daniel.
    Archy married Jeannet Guthrie of Ballyhelly. Both are dead and the children hav gone to America.
    John married Lizzie McBride of Ballycounel, and they went to America. Daniel married Sally Warner.
    Uncle Neil is the last survivor of his father's family. His sons Archy and John went to America, and John died there. Archy lives in Boston.
    Aunt Cecelia is still living and wishes to be remembered to you. (D. E. McCurdy.receivd this letter) .
    Uncle John died three years ago at the age of 61 years.
    We know nothing of David the refugee's children. There were four sons, James, Thomas, Samuel and Daniel. Some located near Ahogill and others in County Derry.