Charlotte Mauger

F, b. 1607, d. 11 October 1676
     Charlotte was born in 1607 in St-Germain, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France.1 Charlotte married Pierre Miville circa 1631 in Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France.1 By the early 1640’s the economy in Brouage, had weakened and work was hard to find. Pierre then moved his family to LaRochelle. Once settled there, in 1646, he obtained a piece of land and contracted to build a rather large house. However, the contract was annulled, and shortly after, the family immigrated to New France. They came on one of two ships, the “Grand Cardinal” or the “Notre Dame”. They departed from LaRochelle on 29 May 1649. The latter docked at Quebec on 24 August and the former on 27 September. The first record of the Mivilles in Quebec came quickly as his daughter, Marie, is noted as being a godmother on 5 October of that same year. Because of his skills as a woodworker, the family was welcomed and on 29 October the Governor granted the family 3 pieces of land. Two of them on the plain of Abraham, one 3 arpents [570 feet]by 40 arpents [7600 feet] deep assigned to Pierre, the other 4 arpents [760 feet] by 40 arpents [7600 feet] deep, located further up river, was assigned to his oldest son, 15 year old Francois. 1667, Charlotte and her husband, Pierre, were listed on the Canadian Census in Levis County, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Pierre Miville [65 years], Charlotte Muager [60 years], Jqcques Miville [27 years] & a domestic LeLorian [40 years].2 Charlotte departed this life on Sunday, 11 October 1676 in Cote de Lauzon, Levis County, Quebec, Canada, at her home at age 69 years.3 She was buried there in the cemetery of St-Henri on Sunday, 11 October 1676.3


Pierre Miville b. c 1602, d. 14 Oct 1669


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