William Mauduit1,2,3,4

M, b. circa 1223, d. 1260
FatherThomas Mauduit I b. 1183, d. b 10 Jun 1244
MotherAgnes (?)
     William was born circa 1223 in Wiltshire, England, at the Manor of Warminister. William married Eve (?) circa 1242 in England.5 His father died in 1244 leaving him as the heir & succeeding to the Warminster Manor. He also held manors in Shropshire including Castle Holgate. William granted the mill of Castle Holgate to the Canons in 1248. In 1249, the prior of Westbury exchanged with William & Eve Mauduit the wood of Holt for 15 a. in Westbury Leigh next to the wood which Walter of Brookway held. In 1253, King Henry III gave him permission to hold a weekly market at Castle Holgate and a yearly fair at Warminister. An indication of the relationship between William & King Henry III is seen in that, as Baron of Holgate, he possesssed his own Court where all causes were tried. This included rendering verdicts & punishments, including having his own gallows. In 1256, William was involved with a suit against the prior of Wentlock over land that he had inherited from his grandmother Agnes de le Mare which included Castle Holgate. In the suit, he stated his line of descent as of Robert de le Mare, to his daughter and heir Agnes de le Mare, to her son Thomas Mauduit, to his sons Robert and Thomas who have died, to himself, their brother and heir. Around 1258, he alienated all of his Shropshire Barony to Richard, "King of the Romans", the younger brother of King Henry III.6,7,8,9 William departed this life in 1260 in Wiltshire, England, at the Manor of Warminister.10,11 On 4 April 1264, the wardship of his son was granted to Warin de Bassingburn with right to marriage [the responsiblity to arrange the marriage of Thomas].11


Eve (?)


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  3. [S506] Note: Back in 2005 MichaelAnne Guido made several posts on the newsgroup regarding the extended ancestry of the Mauduit family of Warminster, Wiltshire. She presented contemporary evidence which showed that William (not Thomas) Mauduit married before 1231-2 Eugenia Fitz Warin, daughter of Fulk Fitz Warin, of Alveston, Gloucestershire, Tadlow, Cambridgeshire, Alberbury, Shropshire, by his wife, Hawise, daughter and co-heiress of Josce de Dinan, of Chipping Lambourn, Berkshire, Westbury, Wiltshire, etc. Governor of Ludlow Castle.

    The evidence in question as to the identity of Eugenia's husband is the following item which MichaelAnne Guido found in the book, Genealogical Proofs of the House of Maudit, A succinct Genealogy of the House of Maudit by Robert Halstead (1685), page 131:

    Placita de Banco, Easter Term, 14 Henry III, Rot. 15:

    Robertus de Passleu per attornatum suum petit versus Willielmum Mauduit & Eugeniam uxorem ejus [eius]. quod reddant ei Henricum filium & haeredem Henrici Cromwell, cujus [cuius] custodia ad eum pertinet ratione commissionis Domini regis quod inde & fecit & dicit, &c. Sed quia dictus Robertus non oftendit dictam commissionem, dicta custodia
    remansit penes dictos Willielmum & Eugeniam. END OF QUOTE.

    The above record would seem to be rather straightforward evidence. Yet MichaelAnne INSISTED that Eugenia Fitz Warin actually married William Mauduit's father, Thomas Mauduit.

    When I pointed out that the name of Eugenia Fitz Warin's husband was named William Mauduit in this record, not Thomas Mauduit, MichaelAnne proceeded to quote from the VCH Wiltshire, Volume 8, which also identifies Eugenia Fitz Warin's husband as William Mauduit, c. 1244-1264. Specifically, VCH Wiltshire states:

    "Hawise, Joce de Dinan's other daughter, married Fulk FitzWarin ( d. c. 1198). Her share of the inheritance also included the overlordship of half the manor of Westbury Priory. She was still living in 1226; (Footnote 55) before her death she is said to have given the part of
    Westbury which she held herself to her son Fulk. By c. 1219 he had given the land which his mother gave him to his brother Eudo, who soon after gave it to their sister Eugenia. She married William Mauduit, lord of Warminster c. 1244-64, (Footnote 56) and took her
    Westbury property into that family, from which it was called the manor of Westbury Mauduits." END OF QUOTE.

    Yet MichaelAnne maintained that VCH Wiltshire was in error, as Eugenia Fitz Warin could not have been the mother of William Mauduit's heir, Thomas Mauduit, who was born c.1248. The reason for this is simple. Eugenia's father, Fulk Fitz Warin, was living in 1194, and dead before 1198. This chronology makes it certain that Eugenia Fitz Warin was
    born before 1198, and thus could not be the mother of the younger Thomas Mauduit, born c.1248. MichaelAnne decided that Eugenia must be the wife of an earlier member of the Mauduit family. Perfectly logical, except the contemporary records didn't agree with

    I then pointed out to MichaelAnne that Paget's English Baronage also identified Eugenia Fitz Warin as the wife of William Mauduit, citing Close Rolls, 20 Henry III, m. 18. Once again, Eugenia Fitz Warin's husband was named as William Mauduit, not Thomas Mauduit. MichaelAnne said she would check the citation from the Close Rolls and thanked me
    for presenting this so this portion of the FitzWarin ancestry can be sorted out. But nothing happened.

    To my knowledge MichaelAnne has never posted on the Close Rolls item. And, in the intervening time, Eugenia Fitz Warin has popped up as the wife of the elder Thomas Mauduit in Hal Bradley's good database and in one of Louise Staley's posts in 2006. This is in spite of the fact that Eugenia Fitz Warin's husband is named as William Mauduit in
    a contemporary record.

    Interestingly, this past week, I appear to have encountered a reference to the Close Rolls item cited by Paget. This item states that in 1236 a certain Elias was named as a creditor of William Mauduit and his wife, Eugenia. The reference given is the Close Rolls for 1236, pg. 234 Reference: Abraham Starrs & Jewish Charters Preserved in the British Museum (1930): 41.

    So it would seem that Eugenia Fitz Warin did marry William Mauduit after all, not his father, Thomas Mauduit, as claimed by MichaelAnne Guido.

    This in turn resolves another problem in the Mauduit pedigree, as the chronology of Eugenia Fitz Warin proves that she was born before 1198, and thus can not have been the mother of William Mauduit's son and heir, Thomas Mauduit, born c. 1248.

    As such, I assume that Thomas Maudui[t's mother was William Mauduit's 2nd wife, Eve. Contemporary evidence shows that William Mauduit and his wife, Eve, gave the church of Warminster, Wiltshire to the dean and chapter of Salisbury about 1257 [Reference: Jones and Macray, Charters and Documents of Salisbury, pg. 239].

    Thus, Eugenia Fitz Warin was not the mother of Thomas Mauduit at all. Presumably the second wife Eve was the mother of Thomas Mauduit.

    This in turn resolves yet another problem in the Mauduit pedigree. It is known that the wardship of Thomas Mauduit, born c. 1248, was granted to Warin de Bassingbourne, and that Thomas Mauduit was subsequently married to Warin de Bassingbourne's daughter, Joan. The problem here is that Warin de Bassingbourne was the grand nephew of
    Eugenia Fitz Warin. If Eugenia Fitz Warin had been Thomas Mauduit's grandmother (as stated by MichaelAnne Guido), then there would have been a consanguinity problem if he married Joan de Bassingbourne, as Joan descends from Eugenia Fitz Warin's sister, Eve Fitz Warin.

    However, once Eugenia Fitz Warin is removed from Thomas Mauduit's ancestry, the consanguinity problem vanishes. Poof!

    Summing up: We now know that Eugenia Fitz Warin was married to William Mauduit (died c.1264), not his father, Thomas Mauduit (died c. 1244). And we know that Eugenia Fitz Warin was not the mother of William Mauduit's son and heir, Thomas Mauduit, born c. 1248. And we know that William Mauduit had a second wife, Eve, who I presume was
    the mother of the younger Thomas Mauduit, born c.1248. The consanguinity problem has been resolved. And, the Mauduit family still retains a descent from the Fitz Warin family through Joan de Bassingbourne, whose great-grandmother was Eve Fitz Warin, wife of
    Oliver de Tracy and Thomas de London.
  4. [S1016] Robert William Eyton, Antiquities of Shropshire, Volume 4: pages 65-66.
  5. [S506] Note: Eve's maiden name is unknown. It is possible that her maiden may have been "Bassingbourne". Her son was made of ward of Warin Bassingbourne II, son of Warin Bassingbourne I & Eve de Tracy, who was stated to be his ward's uncle. To us, this would mean that Eve was his sister, but no proof has been found. One point of importance is - property that was of Westbury, had come down thru the de Tracy line, to Eve de Tracy, wife of Warin Bassingbourne I, and appears to eventually be held in the Mauduit family, being called Westbury Mauduit. - KLM.
  6. [S1407] Transaactions of the Shropshire Archaelogical and Natrural History Society, Thomas Mauduit died 1244, and was succeeded by his son William. He was probably buried at Haughmoud, to which Abbey he left by will , "Together with his body, " 20s. arising out of his mill of Castle Holgate. William Mauduit granted the whole of his Mill to the Canons in 1248. In 1253, the King, being in Gascony, granted William Mauduit permission to hold a yearly fair at Warminster, and a weekly market at Castle Holgate. The Baron of Holgate at this time possessed his own Court where all causes within his Liberty were tried, and his own Gallows. About 1258, William Mauduit alienated all his Shropshire Barony to Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall, "King of the Romans," who conveyed Castle Holgate to the Knights Templer, . . .
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  8. [S506] Note: A discussion on Newgroup including Douglas Richardson - In 1249 the prior exchanged with William and Eve Mauduit the wood of Holt for 15 a. in Westbury Leigh next to the wood which Walter of Brookway held.

    In my post last night, I mentioned a record which shows that Thomas
    Mauduit's son and heir, William, and William's wife Eve conveyed land
    c. 1257 to the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury.
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