Warin Mauduit1,2,3

M, b. 1269, d. 1300
FatherThomas Mauduit b. 1243, d. bt 1270 - 1271
MotherJoan de Bassingbourne b. 1250
Private Seal of Warin Mauduit - Courtesy of David Pollard
     Warin was born in 1269 in Wiltshire, England, at the Manor of Warminister.4 While still an infant, in 1270, his father, Thomas, left for the Holy Lands with Prince Edward. Thomas never returned and in 1271 Richard, King of the Romans, was granted wardship of Warin. Richard dies Y sometime later, Bogo de Knoville takes over his wardship.5,6,7 In 1294, he let the Manor of Warminister to Bogo de Knoville, the last holder of his wardship for six years.8 Warin departed this life in 1300 in Wiltshire, England, at the Manor of Warminister.8,9




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    1271, Warin initially in the wardship of Richard, King of the Romans.
    6/25/1273, Mandate to Matthew de Columbariis, executor of the will of Ralph de Gorges, … to deliver Warin, son and heir of Thomas Maudut, … to Edmund earl of Cornwall, … (S) CPRs.
    Warin in the wardship of Bogo de Knoville.
    10/25/1279, Commission … to enquire touching the abbot of Glastonbury preventing Bogo de Cnovill (to whom the king committed the custody of Warin son and heir of Thomas Maudut, tenant in chief, during his minority), from re-erecting the gallows lately thrown down by the wind, … and from the judgements of maledfactors taken there. (S) CPRs.
    9/18/1290, Warin did homage for his father's lands. (S) CCRs.
    11/20/1290, To Malcolm de Harleye, escheator beyond Trent. Order to deliver to Warin Mauduit, son and heir of Thomas Mauduit, the lands that his father held in chief, [which the escheator took into the king's hands after the king had taken Warin's homage, the escheator asserting that he was not of full age.] (S) CCRs.
    1294, “Warren Mandut (Mauduit)” licensed Warminster to Bogo de Knoville for 6 years. (S) UKNA.
    1300, The perambulation declared that the whole of Selwood in Wiltshire should be disafforested, except the woods of Heytesbury, Warminster, and Westbury, belonging to Warin Mauduit, Walter dePaveley, and the Priors of 'Stynynton' and Farleigh. (S) Royal forests, A History of the County of Wiltshire, V4, 1959.
    1300, Warin died, son Thomas his heir, age 14; holding the manor of Werminstre, co. Wilts., and lands in the manor of Westbury, Co. Wilts. (S) CPRs.
    Elizabeth remarried. [Possibly to Thomas Mauduit of unknown relationship.]
    11/23/1301, Grant to Bogo de Knivill the younger of the forfeiture due to the king of Elizabeth, late the wife of Warin Mauduyt, tenant in chief, for marrying without licence. (S) CPRs.
    Children of Warin and Elizabeth:

    i. Thomas Mauduit (7606168), born 10/14/1287 in England. - www.teachergenealogist007.com.
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    601. Warren Maudut alias Mawdut.
    Writ, La Rose, 26 September 28 Edw. I
    Wilts. Inq. 17 Nov. 28 Edw. I.
    Weremenistre. The manor and 2 carucates of land at Westbury (full extents
    given with names of tenants) held of the king in chief by service of a knight's
    fee. Thomas his son, aged 14, is his next heir.

    [Note - This is also recorded in the Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquistiones Post Mortem 1242-1326, Record Society, 1908 on pages 252-253 where the full extent of the manor is given with names of tenants and the total value of the manor is given as £13 5s. 1d.]