Robert Mauduit1,2,3,4

M, d. 1191
     Robert was born in Hanslope, Buckinghamshire, England.5,6 Robert was granted in fee the Manor of Warminster in Wiltshire in 1175 by Henry II. The manor had previously been held by William FitzHammond. Robert also succeeded William in the constableship of Salisbury, which may indicate that the Manor was appurtentant to the office at Salisbury. The grant for the manor was renewed by Richard I when he gained the throne in 1189. He was Sheriff of Wiltshire from Michalmas 1180 to Michalmas 1185.5 Robert married Agnes de la Mare, daughter of Robert de la Mare and Aliza (?), circa 1182.7 Robert departed this life in 1191 in Wiltshire, England, at the Manor of Warminister. His son was a minor at the time of his death and became a ward first of Robert de Tregoze and then of Hugh de Bosco.5


Agnes de la Mare d. 1199


  1. [S936] British History Online - Victoria County History: Warminister Manor, Wiltshire -
    Warminster belonged to the kings of England before the Conquest, and was still in the hands of William I in 1086. (fn. 32) By 1156 it had been granted to William FitzHamon, (fn. 33) a tenant in several counties and constable of Salisbury Castle in the earlier part of the reign of Henry II. (fn. 34) William held it until 1175, (fn. 35) when it reverted to the Crown, probably by his death. It was immediately regranted in fee to Robert Mauduit, (fn. 36) a royal chamberlain and younger son of a family whose chief estates were in Buckinghamshire. (fn. 37) He had succeeded FitzHamon in his constableship of Salisbury, and it is possible that the estate was regarded as appurtenant to that office. (fn. 38) Robert obtained a renewal of the grant when Richard I succeeded to the throne, (fn. 39) but was dead by 1191. (fn. 40) His son and heir Thomas was a minor, and was in the successive wardships of Robert de Tregoze (fn. 41) and Hugh de Bosco (fn. 42) until he came of age by Michaelmas 1204. (fn. 43) Thomas held Warminster, except for a forfeiture when he joined John's enemies, (fn. 44) until his death c. 1244, when he was succeeded by his son William. (fn. 45) William was dead by 1264, leaving a son Thomas, a minor, whose wardship was granted to Warin de Bassingburn, his uncle. (fn. 46) In 1270 Thomas was given licence to let the manor of Warminster while he went to the Holy Land with Prince Edward. (fn. 47) He probably died abroad, for in 1271 the wardship of his heir Warin was granted to Richard, King of the Romans. (fn. 48) In 1275 Thomas's widow Joan held Warminster in dower. (fn. 49) Warin came of age c. 1290 and in 1294 was licensed to let Warminster to Bogo de Knoville, the last holder of his wardship, for six years. (fn. 50) At Warin's death in 1300 he was succeeded by his son Thomas, (fn. 51) who came of age in 1308 (fn. 52) and was executed after the battle of Boroughbridge in 1322. (fn. 53) Warminster was immediately granted to Hugh le Despenser the elder, (fn. 54) but on the accession of Edward III Thomas's widow Eleanor was assigned her dower in it, (fn. 55) and the custody of the remainder granted to John de Kingston during the minority of John, the heir. (fn. 56) John came of age in 1332, and settled Warminster on himself and Juliane his wife in the same year. (fn. 57) He died in 1364 leaving as heir, after the termination of his widow's estate, his granddaughter Maud, daughter of his son Thomas who was already dead. (fn. 58)

    Maud took the Mauduit inheritance to a Northhamptonshire family, for she married Sir Henry Greene of Drayton near Kettering. (fn. 59) He was executed in 1399 and succeeded in turn by his sons Ralph, who died without issue in 1417, (fn. 60) and John, who died in 1433. -
  2. [S1380] Many Mini Biographies: Robert Mauduit & Isabella de Thurston - [Note - This Robert Mauduit, we believe to be a nephew of our Robert [-1191], and that his father William and our Robert are brothers. - KLM]
    ~1170, Robert born in England, s/o 243393928. William Mauduit.
    ~1170, Isabella born in England, d/o §Lord Thurston Basset.
    10/1194, Robert's father died. (S) Beauchamp Cartulary, Mason, 1980, P54.
    1196, Robert Maudit brought a lawsuit against Walter de Cauz. (S) Rutland Record, Is1-7, 1980.
    Aft. 1197, Robert succeeded his father as the king's chamberlain. [Fined 100 marks for his father's land, together with the castellanship of Rockingham, to hold during pleasure.]
    1200-1214, Abbot Ralph de Arundel at the petition of Robert Mauduit, Chamberlain to King John, and Isabel his wife, decreed that the names of all who conferred gifts on the altar should be inscribed in the monastery's bede-roll. (S) Medieval Westminster, 1200-1540, Rosser, 1989, P48. [Robert and Isabel were setting up a house at the abbey end of Tothill Street.]
    11/1200-1/1214, Confirmation by Isabel, wife of Robert Mauduit, the king's chamberlain, of two messuages in Westminster which she bought from John Testard, to provide lights for St. Mary's altar in Westminster abbey. (S) Bulletin of the Inst. of Hist. Research, Green, 1976, P20.
    1206, Robert's lands given to custody of Hugh de Nevill. Later the same year, Robert's lands were restored.
    1208-9, Robert Mauduit, the king's chamberlain. (S) UKNA.
    1209, Robert Mauduit owed 20 marks for his purparty of the lands which formerly belonged to Robert Giffard, to be held of Robert de Mandeville as the eldest coheir. (S) Hist. of Staffordshire, 1902, P10. [The heirs were Robert de Mandeville, Robert Mauduit, William Cumin, and William de Fontibus.]
    1212, Robert Mauduitheld Brought on Pogys, Wc, Oxon, in right of his wife.
    1215, The king granted to Robert Mauduit and Alan de Boclaund the castle of Dadinton to keep at his pleasure. (S) History of Banbury, Beesley, 1841, P88.
    1215, Robert and his son William joined the barons in revolt against King John.
    8/18/1216, An order was issued to the Sheriff of Oxford to give seisin toRobert Mauduit … Dadington castle (S) The Genealogist, 1922, P97.
    10/18/1216, King John died.
    10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.
    3/11/1217, William Mauduit granted safe-conduct for 8 days to negotiate his father Robert's release with William Marshall. (S) Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, Vs49-50, 1976, P12.
    10/10/1217, Robert was restored his lands when he swore homage to King Henry III.
    12/1220-1222, Writ of Robert, son of Henry I … he has restored to William Mauduit the land which his brother Robert held of him. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V82, 1974, P96.
    Bef. 6/19/1222, Robert died. (S) Flores Historium, V3, 1890, P12.
    1/29/1223, To the keeper of the honour of Wallingford . Isabella who was the wife of Robert Mauduit, who is one of the heirs of Thurstan Basset, has made fine with the king by 20 m., …, for having her rightful portion that falls to her of the lands formerly of Thurstan, her father. Robert of Burnby and Joan, his wife, sister of Isabella, who is one of the heirs of Thurstan, have made fine with the king by 30 m. and one palfrey, …, for having the rightful portion of the same Joan that falls to her of the lands formerly of Thurstan, her father. Richard Burdun and Egelina, his wife, sister of Isabella, who is one of the heirs of Thurstan, have made fine with the king by 30 m. and one palfrey, …, for having the rightful portion of Egelina that falls to her of the lands formerly of Thurstan, her father. John le Brun and Alice, his wife, sister of Isabella, who is one of the heirs of Thurstan, have made fine with the king by 30 m. and one palfrey, …, for having the rightful portion of Alice that falls to her of the lands formerly of Thurstan, her father. (S) FRsHIII.
    10/24/1225, Thomas de Venuz has made fine with the king by 10 m. for having to wife Isabella, who was the wife of Robert Mauduit. Order to the sheriff of Hampshire that, having accepted security from Thomas for the aforesaid 10m., he is to permit Thomas to have Isabella as his wife if she will consent to this. (S) FRsHIII.
    (S) History and Antiquities of the Newport Pagnell Hundreds, Rarcliff, 1900, P109. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V82, 1974.
    Children of Robert and Isabella:
    i. William Mauduit (60848482), born ~1190 in England.
    ii. Robert Mauduit, born ? in England.
    Robert, Lord of Warminster, baron of lands in Wiltshire and Somersetshire. -
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