Susanna (?)

     Susanna was born. Susanna married Joseph Walling I, son of Thomas Walling II and Sarah Elwell, circa 1730. Two of Susannah's sisters also married Wallings - one married a Daniel. They built a log cabin in the wilderness and were the first white settlers in the area to become the village of Hamburg, Sussex County. The cabin was built in 1740 on the banks of the Wallkill River. For a time, this small village was called Wallings in honor of Joseph. In 1750, the cabin was replaced by a large frame house and was licensed as an inn. For over one hundred years, the inn was a landmark for the area. In an article found in the Midddletown Dailey Times Press, Orange County, New York, on 2 February 1924 an execerp of a speach by Charles Stickney was printed. It tells the story of the murder of a widow Walling by indians. But we see that different articles give different versions of the story. Such as the one in New American Magazine edited by Samuel Nevill, published at Woodbridge, New Jersey under date of 31 May 1758 tells of the murder of the widow Wallings daughter by the indians.


Joseph Walling I b. 30 Apr 1709, d. b 1758