Pierre Maheu

M, b. circa 23 December 1630, d. 12 May 1717
Feings, Normandy, France [freepages.genealogy.ancestry.com/~mainegenie/DROUIN.htm]
     Pierre was born in Feings, Orne, Normandy, France. He was the son of Jean Maheu & Michelle Chauvin. He was christened there on 23 December 1630 in the parish of St-Jean.1,2 On 22 May 1651, Pierre and two other men, Nicolas Hublin and Jacques Nourry signed a contract to go "to the country of New France to begin on the day of embarkment which will be made in this year...to terminate with the embarkment which will be made at the end of the said five years in the said place". Pierre was to receive 45 livres, a pair of shoes, food and free passage, both to New France and to return.3 He immigrated from his home town, Feings, Normandy to Quebec some time after the signing of the contract in 1651. His occupation was listed as a weaver. Pierre worked under various contracts from the time of his arrival in Quebec until 1657 when he purchased land of his own in Charlesville.4 On 8 September 1659, Pierre and Jeanne signed a marriage contract at the home of Jeanne's grandfather Zacharie Cloutier. Her dowery consisted of "300 livres, one milk cow, and some clothes".5 Pierre married Jeanne Drouin, daughter of Robert Drouin and Anne Cloutier, on 10 November 1659 in Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska County, Quebec, Canada, at the church of Notre-Dame-de-Liesse.6 1666, Pierre and Jeanne were listed on the Canadian Census in Comte de Montmorency, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Pierre Maheut, a weaver [32 years], Jeanne Drouin [19 years] & Marie [3 years].7 1667, Pierre and Jeanne were listed on the Canadian Census. Enumerated in this household were Pierre Maheust [34 years], Jeanne Drouin [20 years], Marie [5 years] & Charles [14 months]. They had property consisting of: 4 cows, and 10 arpents of land under cultivation.8 1681, Pierre and Jeanne were listed on the Canadian Census. Enumerated in this household were Pierre Maheu [57 years], Jeanne Drouin [34 years], Charles [15 years], Pierre [12 years], Angelique [10 years] & Jeanne [6 years]. They had property consisting of: one gun, five cows and had 25 arpents of land under cultivation.9 By the early months of 1717, Pierre and Jeanne had retired to the home of their daughter Jeanne and her husband Paul Balanger at Beauport.10 Pierre departed this life on Wednesday, 12 May 1717 in Beauport, ville de Quebec. He was buried there in the churchyard of La-Nativitie-de-Notre-Dame on Thursday, 13 May 1717.11


Jeanne Drouin b. Nov 1646, d. 24 Jun 1732


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