Marie-Madeleine Lecuyer

F, b. 1676, d. 8 August 1763
FatherAntoine Lecuyer b. c 1648, d. c 30 Apr 1718
MotherAnne Rabady b. c 1654, d. c 4 Sep 1747
     Marie-Madeleine was born in 1676 in Quebec, Canada. Marie-Madeleine married Francois Debroyeux on 15 June 1707 in Batiscan, Les Chenaux County, Quebec, Canada, at St-Francois-Xavier Church.1 Francois and Marie Madeleine had childrfen: Marie Marguerite [7/13/1709-2/26/1733][m. 11/01/1729 Jean Francois Comparet], Jean Francois [11/02/1710-10/31/1711], Marie Madeleine [4/29/1712-1/31/1734], Marie Charlotte [2/13/1715-3/02/1801][m. 11/21/1741 Jean Baptiste Trottier dit Bellecour] & Pierre [10/13/1716-4/12/1738].2 Marie-Madeleine's husband, Francois, died circa 2 May 1750 in Batiscan, leaving her a widow. Marie-Madeleine departed this life on Monday, 8 August 1763 in Batiscan at age 87 years. She was buried there in the churchyard of St-Francois Xavier on Tuesday, 9 August 1763.3


Francois Debroyeux b. 1679, d. c 2 May 1750


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