Marie-Catherine Laporte dit St-Georges

F, b. before 12 October 1663, d. before 11 April 1737
FatherJacques Laporte dit St-Georges b. 5 Mar 1627, d. 11 Sep 1702
MotherMarie Nicole Duchesne b. c 1641, d. 7 Jul 1703
     Marie-Catherine was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.1,2 She was christened there on 12 October 1663 in the Basilica of Notre Dame.3 Marie-Catherine married Philibert Couillaud dit Rocbrune circa 1675 in Contrecoeur, Vercheres County, Quebec, Canada, at Tres Ste-Trinitie Church.4,5,6 Philibert & Marie-Catherine had children. Jean [1676], Jean-Baptiste [10/15/1677-7/04/1753][m. 9/11/1704 Anne Deslauriers], Louis [1679-6/05/1764][m. 5/21/1716 Marie-Madeleine Sabourin], Marie-Anne [10/03/1681], Antoine [11/06/1683-1/15/1747][m. 6/21/1723 Marie-Madeleine Chefdevergne & 2nd 11/15/1728 Marie-Anne Briand], Catherine [1/12/1685-10/26/1750][m. 7/27/1703 Noel Boulier & 2nd 2/04/1709 Louis Quay], Francois [12/03/1686][m. 11/__/1717 Marie-Josephte Gresion], Michel [1694-10/222/1772][m. 2/02/1718 Marie-Josephe Pinel], Marie-Hilaire-Louise [1696][m. 6/25/1722 Jean-Baptiste Scofen], Marie-Barbe [1698-11/24/1770][m. 11/02/1723 Julien Gardet] & Philibert [1700-10/08/1751][m. 9/30/1721 Jeanne Brunet].7,8 1681, Marie-Catherine and her husband, Philibert, were listed on the Canadian Census in Contrecoeur, Vercheres County, Quebec, Canada. Enumerated in this household were Philbert Couillaut [40 years], Catherine Laporte [17 years], Jean [5 years], Baptiste [3 years] & Jean Francois Gazail [1 year].9 Marie-Catherine's husband, Philibert, died before 27 February 1701 in Contrecoeur, leaving her a widow. She married second Jean Carpenter on 9 October 1706 at Ste-Anne, Varennes, Quebec. Marie-Catherine departed this life in Varennes.10,11 She was buried there in the cemetery of Ste-Anne on Thursday, 11 April 1737.


Philibert Couillaud dit Rocbrune b. c 1641, d. b 27 Feb 1701


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