Robert Jackson1

M, b. 1620, d. before 13 October 1685
     Important Notes: In many genealogies found on the web and in published works as well, Agnes Washbourne is given as a wife of Robert Jackson. This has been found to be an error and was analylized very effectively by Harry Macy Jr. From his work it has been made clear that Robert married a daughter of William Washbourne (no first name ever mentioned) who died leaving Robert as a widower. He then married Agnes, the widow of Robert Pudington. William Washbourne, in his will, mentions his deceased daughter, wife of Robert Jackson. Robert, in his will mentions his wife, Agnes. Public records of New Hampshire and Hempstead, Long Island establish that Robert's wife, Agnes, is the widow of Robert Pudington.2 Robert was born in 1620 in England.3 He was a man of prominence in that settlement until his death. He was among the first settlers of Hempstead where he was a large land owner. It is not lnown whether he was married when he reached Long Island or brought her with him. No matter, her name has not been discovered. He and his first wife, name unknown, were blessed with 4 children. The exact order is not known.. Robert married 2nd Miss (?) Washbourne, daughter of William Washbourne and Jane Whitehead, circa 1653 in Town of Hempstead, Long Island, New Netherlands. He and (?) were blessed with 2 children, one not named. Robert married 3rd Agnes (?) before 10 April 1660. He is found on rate lists in 1662 & 1666. Robert made his will on 25 May 1683 at the Town of Hempstead, Queens County, Long Island, New York. He left to his wife, Agnes, half the home lot next to George Hewlett, goods, etc. 4 pounds to son, Samuel, a gift to his wife, and each of his children a piece of eight. Live stock to Nathaniel Cole, Jr., a son of my daughter, Martha, deceased. Residue to son, John, who is executor. Witnesses: John Carman, John Smith, Samuel Embree & Joseph Smith. Robert departed this life before 13 October 1685 in Hempstead Town, Queens County, Long Island, New York.4 His will was probated on 13 October 1685 at the Court of Sessions.

Family 1


Family 2

Miss (?) Washbourne b. c 1630, d. b 29 Sep 1657

Family 3

Agnes (?)


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    page 5 - 1661 John Winthrop, Jr. made an entry in his medical journal for Pudington of Hemstead, 13 years old, daughter of Robert Jackson's wife of Hempstead. Note: the article then gives the known details of Robert Puddington and Agnes, his wife, ending this portion by stating that the maiden name of Agnes is still unknown. KLM - Volume 131: number 1.
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