Edward Inman I1

M, b. circa 1620, d. before 17 August 1706
     Edward was born circa 1620 in England. He was a fox glover. The name of his first wife is not known. He was recorded as an inhabitan at Warwick 5 June 1648 and by 27 Octiber 1651 he was in Providende. Edward and Thomas Hopkins took over the cost of maintaining Joanna Hazard from the town. In May of 1666, Edward & John Mowry begn purchasing land from the Indians without the consent of the governing heads of Providence. Eventually, the town & Edward and his associates reached an agreement confirming 3500 acres to the group. This tract of land became known as Inman's Plantation or Inman's Purchase. From the beginning of the purchases in 1666 until 1682 all land transactions in this tract were controlled by Edward or his associates.2 On 22 May 1689, there was a settlement with Barbara's children in which they received land on the Pawtucket river. Previous in 1686, Edward gives land to Joshua Clark who had married his now wife's daughter - probably that of Barbara but no name mentioned. Edward departed this life before 17 August 1706 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. The inventory of Edward's estate was taken on Tuesday, 17 August 1706. It was presented by his son, John, to the council. His two sons, Edward & John along with his wife, Barbara, refused to accept administration of Edward's estate on 26 August 1706.

Family 1


Family 2

Barbara (?) d. a 26 Aug 1706


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